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It appears not, is there interest in one?


well to stop it being posted in other radio threads it might be a good idea.


This isn’t able to be fixed then?


This probably has been suggested before, and I know it’s not in the hands of Media Spy’s admin team to implement this into the software that this site uses, but I think it would be a good idea to add reactions like Facebook on this site. It would probably reduce the number of spam/irrelevant/annoying/shit posting some discussions on here endure. Instead of rambling on about the disagreance of a post, an angry react can be used instead.


and thus, the shitposting level increases over 9000. Media Spy goes into chaos and no one knows whats ironic or unironic






where the plane, gay + thankful reaccs @?






The answer to both of these is that its somewhat out of our hands - we are reliant on it being fixed or delivered in our forum software


Good decision by @NewsWeary to lock the “Network Ten 2019” forums, presumably until the day of the upfronts.

Now don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t mind a little bit of speculation about the future of Network Ten (or other media topics) but some of the stuff people have been posting recently has been ridiculous! If Media Spy wants to be viewed as a respected forum, I personally think we all need to start being a bit more sensible about our posts IMO.


Another day another locked ten thread… i think you should just have a random ten thread where people can go crazy.


I enjoy a bit of speculation too but some of it borders on the ridiculous. KnowItAll was poking fun at that but his attempt at humour fell flat. That happens. Sometimes you don’t know what to take seriously and what to take with a grain of salt and good humour.

If something interesting is reported in coming days or somebody wants to contribute some information to that thread, it can be unlocked.


if we were to discuss about Ten’s sport for 2019 would that go into TEN Sport thread or Network TEN 2019 thread. Some of it will be based on speculation.


Put it in the Ten Sport thread.


but that’s what makes this place fun :smiley:


There was one - Ten rampant relaunch speculation.


Could my account be deleted? I noticed all the mod’s rejecting my posts.


You’re on queue because you were (repeatedly) rude to a member.