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Any plans to have a Media Spy All Access membership to cut the ads out?


Not really, other then an ad free experience, there’s not much we can offer as incentive


I’d pay for that alone considering how annoying the ads are at the moment with the way the threads are loading.


You could probably get @ElCapitanCranky to offer some, err “tasteful” selfies as part of the “All Access” club.


I’m not giving you guys an excuse to laugh at me… :rofl:


I’d suggest we could offer access to certain site staff topics but our members probably couldn’t stomach behaviour more debauched than that seen at a Bulldogs mad Monday event, especially from the “Bost mod here”.


My ears are burning…


As long as that’s the only body part that is burning…




Haven’t we still got boxes of signed Rob Brough photos at the office? I’m sure paying members would cherish them.


Oh, no. None left. They were all distributed to fans at the last Rob Brough Appreciation Convention.


Crap, I missed another one?! I’ve always wanted one of those famous showbags.


There are two threads in the Network Ten section related to the local version of Saturday Night Takeaway to be hosted by Chris Brown and Julia Morris. Could they be merged and renamed?




How about jerseys? :stuck_out_tongue:


Would wear :100:


Is there anyway to make the newsreader lists editable to everyone, so we no longer have to complete submissions to have it edited?


Yep. Have done it on the Nine thread for now, will see how that goes before extending it further.


Is there a mock radio thread?


We already have the Macquarie Sports Radio and Super Radio Network threads.