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Not a fan honestly. Seems way too spaced out now. I personally preferred it being more compact.


Web app looks different?


Web app looks the same, mobile appears slightly different.


Any chance of an ABC presenters thread? I really couldn’t care less who’s covering the weather for Victoria or who is filling in on a random shift on News 24.


I like the new layout and design on mobile, however the photos all re-load everytime I open a thread. That’s a little annoying.


I’ve renamed the existing thread to ABC News Presenters and Reporters. A new thread has been created for ABC News content and appearance.


random question, but would this also include C&A of News Channel or just 12pm, 5pm, 7pm & 10:30pm bulletins and updates?


It won’t let me log in from my Laptop. It says “You can’t login from that IP address.”…


Are you using a VPN?


Nope, I was on my home internet.


Anyone else having any issues with threads jumping around? It’s making me dizzy.

Every time I open one, whether on mobile device or computer the thread bounces between recent posts rather than anything that hasn’t been read yet and I’ve gotta scroll to find where the new posts start from.


Yes, has been happening to me today.


Yeah has been happening on mobile for ages


Yep me too. What I was trying to call out above.


It’s something with the ads - agree it’s a pain the the bum


Well, I logged on earlier tonight and noticed that the “Word Association Game” thread was sitting at 9,993 unread posts. I have been deliberately avoiding this thread to see how high I can get this to go :smile:

Unfortunately, it has NOT moved all evening, so I suspect I will miss seeing it tick over to the magical 10,000 count (I am a numbers person, you see).

Anyhow, for prosperity…


I accidentally clicked on it a while ago, would have had over 20,000 if I hadn’t.


So you had it up to around 16,000 unread posts then…

I wonder why your read and unread total for that thread is different to mine?

You have 18,765 + 2,082 = 20,847

But mine is only 3,928 + 9,993 = 13,921

Aside from a slight point in time difference, shouldn’t our totals be the same?


The grey count is unread posts as of your last visit, while the orange count is “new” unread posts (or those that weren’t here as of your last visit), so the two numbers will vary between users.

The actual thread total exceeds 44,000 posts, which is… yeah.


And I thought those saving ten/ten CBS thread were bad.

boys idk how many posts are unread from me, I totally blocked the thread lmao so I keep forgetting about it! Probably got around 20k unread posts