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I could. I was just trying to post this week’s BOTB schedule in the Mock Schedules thread.

Thanks for alerting. Mock Schedules thread is for actual networks.


Are we still doing the ‘it’s okay to get Waleed Aly’s name wrong’ thing in The Project thread?

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I don’t normally go through this thread so I don’t know if this has been raised before.

I’m not normally an avid dark mode user either so it doesn’t bother me as much.

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Does it really matter, you know who is being referred to?

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I was going through posts on the forum and noticed someone (looks like a new user) has a name the same as mine except for the non capital a and the _ , can they change it ?



Sorry everyone, the hamster that powers the website fell out of its spinning wheel for the final time.

New hamster acquired and installed into a more fortified wheel


Oh I always thought it was you on your exercise bike that powered the website.

But thank you anyway for getting it going again.


Was wondering why the site wasn’t loading at 6pm. Thought there’d been a relaunch and the site was in overdrive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The news was probably late again :joy:


For some reason when I try to post a link on Youtube or other sites to MediaSpy a message comes up saying “Sorry you cannot post a link to this host”. On my iPad it works but on my laptop it shows that message.

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Out of interest, can anyone tell me why my post in the Network Ten program topic was deleted announcing Mitch & Mark from the Block as host of their new Location, Location, Location show?

Already posted in the show’s topic.

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Ah, fair enough. Must have missed in when I searched. all good.

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Why was mine deleted about Dr Chris and mentioning he could end up on BH and G in the I’m a Celeb thread ?

Looks pretty not-deleted to me?

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Why is the “What if or the ones that got away topic” closed?

Isn’t it obvious? @OnAir’s last post was a ‘mic drop’ - no further discussion required :stuck_out_tongue:



Although, by way of further explanation, the thread was meant for discussions on hypothetical scenarios that might have happened but for a ‘sliding doors moment’ or different paths taken. Unfortunately the thread had descended into nonsensical questions.