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All good for me now too on PC and mobile


So far so good here, too :crossed_fingers:


either someone is actively deleting my posts or my account is bugging out. Ill post something then it will just disappear 30 secs later?

Maybe stop splitting discussions across topics.

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I think sometimes, people are genuinely confused and may have violated the rules on this forum without noticing it. It would have been nice ( as a courtesy) to at least send a private message to the individual concerned. That’s how people learn from their mistakes.

I too have had my messages removed and I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong. It’s like being dumped by your partner without telling you why. At least, I have the courtesy to say that I’m now done with this sort of interaction and have given a reason why I feel that way.

The Bluey thread was not the place for a lengthy review of Mariah Carey’s performance at the same event.


Thank you. It didn’t take much effort to provide a bit of context to clear up the misunderstanding. I would have been horrified if my message was deleted because it was offensive to some people. I am glad it wasn’t the case.

You may get a lot of support from the others by way of LIKES’ but I am not ashamed to admit that I am not bright enough to understand all the rules around here. I will make mistakes in this forum albeit not that many over the years (some of which I did not understand why).

I tend to post messages that are not too serious just to liven up the mood because there are other threads (eg politics, news related) that are just so depressing for me to read.

Anyways, this would be a good time for me to ‘hibernate’ and be away from this forum while I plan a trip around the country and overseas. Hopefully, it will also give me a chance to reflect on the real reason why I joined this forum many years ago - to interact with people with similar interests and the joy that I used to have over the years.

No, it was just off-topic. You can read more in the FAQs and TOS. While deleting a post may feel a personal slight against you, it’s really not. And we delete a fair few posts every day, so messaging every poster after deletion would not be possible. If you do have an issue or query about why, you can always message one of the staff.

Wasn’t about getting LIKES, but just stating why it was removed. Again, feel free to read the rules however it’s a fairly basic tenet of messageboards that taking threads off-topic is discouraged.

No problem with that. But you have to also realise your version of ‘lightning the mood’ may be off-topic or against the grain of discussion as well.

Enjoy your trip.


No worries. The good intention was there but I appreciate that I may not be able to ‘read the room’ or ‘fully comprehend the rules’.

I plan to go back to all my old posts (all the way back to 2016!) and clean up those messages, especially those ‘personalised’ commentary that may give away too much about my personality in this forum. Not sure how deleting tonnes of messages will impact my account but I will contact one of the staff in private if there’s a problem. All good.

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I have no idea what the point of that would be. But you do you.


Well I mean, I understand if it’s insulting, or offensive posts, then fair enough, delete them. But for instances like Kushaa’s post of Mariah Carey, wouldn’t it have made more sense to move it to the Random Thread instead of nuking it?

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My thoughts exactly.

Earlier today I had actually suggested for @Kushaa to post semi unrelated tidbits to the Random Thread discussion, by quoting the previous message from the original thread, and then to expand on it more from there so then that way there is no risk going off-topic since it is a free-for-all discussion, as long as it is appropriate of course.


When browsing on chrome mobile, posts tend to jump a few posts back, or a few posts forwards…. Don’t know if this happens to anyone else?

Update only seems to happen in the radio sub-forum…. Not happening here.


Yeah I have the same issues across the board.

This place is starting to turn into Twitter before Elon took over. You’re allowed to have a different opinion also kept on topic

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You didn’t express a different opinion. You posted a brain fart with nothing to back it up. Making an exaggerated statement like “You could draw a family tree at Nine” doesn’t mean anything without supporting evidence. Langdon’s family connection to the roots of the show demonstrates nothing when she has a body of work behind her. Neither her father in law nor her husband would’ve helped her land the job and neither of them has worked at the network during her time there. She wouldn’t have been my first choice for the role but her resume would suggest she’s clearly competent. The only other family connection I can think of is the Richard/Christian Wilkins connection and he doesn’t even work for them anymore on a regular basis.

Your ability to find a conspiracy or some hidden motive behind decisions is exhausting and irritating.


The Stefanovic brothers?


There’s more than a few really but it’s getting ridiculous

Simon Bouda and his daughter Erin (no longer at Nine I believe) but now it’s getting silly - NBNs Miss Kim and Big Dog (played by her son for many many years)

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And the Lobb brothers from NBN, neither of them there anymore.

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That’s just the on air talent! lol I meant the whole network