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It’s like members think they owe them caps and recordings. These take hours on end to record, then to cut out anything copyright.

It’s a hobby for archivers in the end of the day. Sometimes I wish to archive on my own channel when I’m within reach of regional channels via IPTV or FTA - but then choose to not do it for months on end.


Agreed - capping is not just uploading something on to Youtube and you’re done - it’s making sure you did record it (which in some cases, some people didn’t or don’t have capability to rewind to re-record it), watermarking it (at least when I used to cap), editing it so it’s just that part - it’s a lot of work!

Caps are all well and good, but really shouldn’t be demanded by users.


In rare cases, it’s also a fact of storage management. Images in most cases take up less space less video. And those with old systems and/or limited space may need that space elsewhere.


Do we not have an award ceremonies thread? An Oscars, Golden Globes etc? Or is search just failing me?
Seems odd to talk about it under a programming and schedule thread.

Not even just to talk about that “slip and slap” but to discuss the movies and production of it etc

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We have Australian awards threads (Logies; AACTA Awards), but it does appear that we do not have an Oscars, Golden Globe or the Emmys threads.

I guess there’s a “Movie thread” that the Oscars Incident that happened today is being talked in… but that’s about it.

“edit:” There you go. An “awards ceremonies” has just been created in the above post.


For some reason the above one vanished, so here is another one to see if it was just me: Award Ceremonies

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Think it may have been removed? (not yours, the previous one)

Yeah. The new one hasn’t tho.

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Any chance we can archive or hide the Covid sub forum? Kinda dangling there like a turd on a sheeps behind.


Done - it’s a sub-category in the extra category


Is there a way to have a category for select members only, like the old one we had on the other software? Maybe it could be an incentive for Patreon/donation or something. I’m not going to disable adblocker but I’d do something like that to support the site.

Why don’t Newscorp links embed any more? Is this a change on Media Spy or Newscorp causing this?

Why was Mock Commentary Teams thread closed?

I was also searching for the Newscrop links.

Is it time to make a Federal Election 2022 page? 1 for media coverage and the other for predictions

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Perhaps we start the predictions thread once Scott Morrison calls the election.

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We are comfortable opening threads once an election is called, I believe.


In saying that though there is already so much hype around this already plus we already know an election has to be called this year.

Not just this year, it has to be held by 21 May.

I think Scomo has to go to the GG tomorrow (Sunday) to dissolve both Houses of Parliament? There’s basically no time left.

Easter Monday is the latest he can call a May 21st election (being the latest possible date for the senate election).
But if it isn’t called and parliament dissolved tomorrow all the MPs have to be back in Canberra for parliament to sit this week.