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If the Victorian Government does announce a short lockdown for Melbourne today, should the existing Melbourne Lockdown thread (which was closed in November last year at the end of the second wave) be reopened? Or do we continue discussion in the existing Discussion of Impact thread?

What’s the point of having a “New Topic” button when you merge everything?

There are plenty of specific threads in the TV History section for various eras of the main channels, individual shows and some individual channels, so I don’t get why the thread I started on “C7 Sport and Sports Australia” was locked and merged into a generic thread on “pay TV” when the whole reason I started it was because I couldn’t find any existing discussion on the topic.

Surely leaving it as a seperate thread makes it easier for people who can contribute to the thread to find it, and then for people interested in the future to find the info too.


I agree with this, C7 for example gets brought up every few months, it’d be good to have a thread to direct people with when they ask for info about it, we could put images and videos in there too. Make conversations easier, and searching for info better streamlined.

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Can someone please direct me to the thread (if there is one) for discussing general news events?


There are two topics. This first one is for discussion of news event.

You should post items that are just reports of a news events here.

The other topic is for how the media is covering news events. This is only for how TV News etc is covering an event.


Should we create a thread for Seven’s Motorsport Coverage, given how most of the recent posts in the Seven Sport thread are about motorsport?

We didn’t create a thread when Ten had motorsport for all these years when it was Supercars, Fomula 1 & MotoGP. Where as Seven just has ARG & Supercars.

I think there’s a reasonable level of coverage to warrant splitting it out.

I’ve taken the last 30 or so posts out into a new thread.

I was looking for an Emoji on the MediaSpy site that shows a face with hands covering face with head tilted down & head shaking side to side. Any chance this could be made available in future? Recently went looking, but it didn’t exist.

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Why was my post from a few minutes ago on the Sunrise thread deleted? Don’t think I broke any rules, did I?

People need to stop confirming things when they haven’t been confirmed. Yeah, it’s been likely all along Barr has the job but no official announcement has been made.


Is there any way we can implement quality control into the Random Mocks thread? Or would an easier option be to make a workshop thread for people to learn and enhance their skills?


The mod team is currently discussing the future of the mocks category after concerns like yours have been raised, we should have an update soon.


It looks like there may be some differences occurring with the “Top Categories” section under some users profiles (perhaps). Eg - i’ve made many posts in the print section (over 100), but it’s not in my top 6 posted categories. And made many more in the tv ratings section than what is suggested.

The amount of posts i’ve made in my top 4 posted categories seem about right, but 5th and 6th seem out of whack. Nothing important though. Just thought id share that in case its happening to others too…

As long as the tongue-in-cheek mocks thread is kept in one way or another, I’m a happy chappy. :+1: :smiley:

Keep Random & Tongue-in-Cheek mock threads - maybe create a ‘beginners mock’ thread?


Is there a thread within for discussion on radio receiver hardware? Say I had a Yamaha CR 3020 and a photo, where would I post it?


Perhaps here

Having issues uploading images to threads. Anyone else having the same issue?

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