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I’ve noticed when I post videos from sites like Facebook and Streamable etc, they can’t be viewed anymore after a few hours of being posted? For example;

I do use this to share recordings and videos with other users - are there ways to just post a normal link instead of a video preview?

From my experience Facebook seems to constantly change the web address of videos which is why you can’t play a video using the same link the next day. They don’t do it for still images. I’ve never been able to find a way around it.

It seems to be an ongoing issue for me using sources from most sites except for YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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Not sure if this is the right thread but say I found a doco on (eg) Melbourne TV but it covers all the networks, where would I post it?

Australian TV industry - General Discussion


Probably the General Discussion thread: Australian TV industry - General Discussion


Why are some usernames grey not black?

Id like to know.

I’ve also asked this before.

Are those people on preview?

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They have MediaSpy Prime accounts, obviously.


Does that mean you can get MediaSpy WIN accounts now too? :grin:

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Mods give us back the eyeroll reacts you cowards




Not sure


Are they not the users being moderated?

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Is there a real point for having every single promo watermark being posted in the watermarks thread?

Isn’t that what the Watermarks thread is for?


I would have thought that the main focus would be channel watermarks. I don’t feel that promo watermarks are particularly notable since they almost literally change every day and they are usually the same other than different text/logos.

They I actually find intrusive, the channel watermarks couldn’t give a stuff. No skin off me.

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