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Generally in Australia, it’s practice for the outgoing PM to remain in office until the final results are known. However, in 2022, as the PM had to go to Quad meeting in Japan, Morrison resigned after Labor had secured crossbench support if they failed to reach a majority, and Albo was sworn in 2 days after the election.

Helps in the UK that it’s easier to travel to London quickly than to Canberra.

I live in the UK. Yes, it really is as bad as you think. The Tories just weren’t interested in governing - in my opinion, they were essentially a PR firm masquerading as a government. Just one blunder after another, constantly… they had to go. Labour have only been in power for 4 days and they’ve already well on their way to achieving more than the Tories did in 14 years! Really I just feel an enormous sense of relief that the Tories have gone. Now we just have to rebuild…


yeah that’s a good analogy. I’m currently listening to The Plot: The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson by Nadine Dorries and it really shows how bad the Tories were.

How brexit was just supposed to “blow the bloody doors off” not actually succeed and how within days of Boris winning they were already plotting his downfall. its like kindergarten games


Do you live in a different UK than me?

Every government can promise the world. That’s easy.

UK’s structural decline precedes the tories. It’s been 20 years now.

We won’t know anything for probably a few years if a new government can get economic growth up.

I’m not convinced either party has the ideas or thinking to turn UK around

You live in London, right? I don’t. London has kind of been insulated from the worst of the damage because it’s, well… London. So yeah, we might as well be living in different countries.

Yes, obviously every party makes promises that they can’t or won’t keep… but I didn’t see Labour ‘promising the world’. If anything they were very guarded, as they have been since Keir Starmer won the party leadership. The point is that the previous Conservative government were so incompetent that what Labour have done (or for argument’s sake, appear to have done) in just one week is a huge contrast.

So what do you suggest? Jeremy Corbyn - remember him? He had a load of radical ideas, and was roundly rejected by the electorate. Labour under Starmer had to be very careful and cautious, so that they could prove to the naysayers “we’re not scary”. It’s similar to what Albo did in the run up to 2022.

EDIT: Just a thought on this point:

I wouldn’t say it’s been quite that long. I’d say it was the GFC that ramped up our decline - the UK has never really recovered. Labour were punished for it happening on their watch, even though they probably mitigated it better than any government bar Australia. Maybe if the Tories hadn’t insisted on years of austerity, we might have…

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Labour spent 14 years in the wilderness after the Blair-Brown era. Starmer did what Corbyn or Milliband couldn’t win an election from opposition and in a landslide


I live in London yes. I think it’s worse. Salaries are higher here than the rest of the UK but not by nearly as much as would be needed to counter how much higher rent and living costs are in London compared to the rest of the country.

Housing costs in London are disproportionately a much higher % of take home pay in London than other parts of the UK

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Wages in the uk have been falling behind the US since the 60s. Up until then we were neck a neck with the US. Now we’re a good 35% behind the USA. In some industries the UK pays half.

If labor could convince the UK govt to stop voting for toris that’s on them. If they had bold plans and ran good campaigns they would have got into power. The country has been in decline for 20 years. Shame on the toris for getting us here, shame on labour for not convincing the UK public to vote for them despite the ever increasing mess