I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

We didn’t get to see Friday and Saturday footage on last night’s episode, it was all Thursday.

After Callum won ten stars from the Easter bunny bunker trial, the celebrities were divided into two teams: Team Julia (Candice, Michelle, Peter, Stephen, and Tristan) and Team Robert (Brittany, Callum, Ellie, Frankie, Khanh, and Skye). Team Robert won the ring toss challenge (a team member wearing a plastic elephant trunk to hang the rings tossed by teammates) so team members got to enjoy the ten stars dinner, while Team Julia could only eat rice and beans.

If the stars Callum earned at Thursday’s trial extended to Friday and Saturday, does that mean Team Julia was only able to have rice and beans for dinner for three nights in a row? The producers may need to explain.

Yeah I’m really confused what happens in camp on Friday & Saturday night in the Jungle, we don’t see any of it on the show.

It’s weird they haven’t talked about it. If that challenge was actually for 3 nights in a row of meals you would expect them all to make a much bigger deal about it and complain “unfair we have to eat rice & beans for 3 nights in a row” etc

Maybe the challenge was Saturday night but edited to make it look like Thursday? :man_shrugging:


Loving Denise on the show already! Hoping she’s gonna entertain a lot on there. Much better than some of the other oldies on there!


Denise is going straight to the next trial. Talk about baptism of fire.

Denise is in Team Julia to even up the numbers.

Well she’s over 39 so she was already going to be Team Julia.


Story on the show picked up in US.

news.com.au article



I assume this is the case as Julia’s team have constantly complained about going two (and now three) nights in a row only eating rice and beans.

It’s a good point though regarding what actually happens on those 2 days that it doesn’t air. I’m guessing that they probably now get their full meals on those days. I assume some material from those days are also inserted into the Sundy and Monday shows (easy to do especially given nobody has left yet).

All in all am enjoying this season so far. Not surprising that some of the lesser-known celebs like Skye and Callum are some of the most entertaining people there but as a whole it’s a pretty good cast. I was starting to wonder if Denise was going to become the new Kerri-Anne for not doing challenges but luckily she didn’t get voted into the next one.


According to 10Play’s online guide, the first elimination will take place next Wednesday night (April 10), when two celebrities will leave the jungle.

They started advertising the save vote earlier in the week and the voting period was listed as open until 10th April. So I assumed that from then they will start eliminating every night until the end.

Now that they’ve made a clear distinction of oldies and youngsters, I reckon the oldies will go one by one first leaving the young ones. Unless Frankies contract is up.

Think Candice and Brittany/Peter will be the first to go

Although Viper Room features in Sunday’s episode (as shown by the watermark throughout tonight’s episode), Julia and Robert didn’t announce tonight which celebrity would take on the trial. I wonder if the trial won’t be filmed today, but rather on Friday or Saturday?

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They did, they said Skye

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I must have missed it. The hosts told the campmates “we said goodbye to Team Julia and Team Robert” and left the group to celebrate the end of the divide.

They didn’t tell Skye they told us it was Skye lol

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Robert announced it outside the camp as they were ending the episode.

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Just today when they were giving the results of who’s going into the trial, you could see what looked like moisture & cream etc behind Michelle. Not make up but still products

Skye was very obviously wearing quite a lot of makeup during the closeups of her we saw in the trial