I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Is there any harm in being nice to others though regardless of what they have done? There might be a lesson in that for all of us.

It’s easy to show love to those that we like, but showing love to those that are harder or that others reject is the sign of a truly great person.


Would you be nice to a sociopath or psychopath? What about a serial killer?


Absolutely. They’ll have to answer for their crimes in the next life. Our role here on Earth should be to spread love, not hate.

I truly believe our world would be in a much better place if humans generally reached out and showed love to people who are different to them. Acceptance and love are so much more powerful than division and hate.


Tell that to David.


So why doesn’t he?




Totally disagree. His camp mates had to put up with his arrogance, racism and carry on 24 hours a day. Several had major runs in with him. If they thought he was a prick then they have every right to say so.


One celebrity will be eliminated every night from Thursday night onwards.


Thought so since the show finishes on the 12th of March.


Green gate…




Another Oldfield out straight after the last one. :laughing: Goes to show how much people hated their casting.


I actually warmed to Lisa, she seemed alright after David left. Loved her comments while chatting to Chris & Julia tonight:

“I’ll be speaking with a divorce lawyer when I get out” - Lisa Oldfield


I don’t think that was necessarily the case at all but moreso the fact that she had come so late in the game so she was at a massive disadvantage. I think a lot of people were starting to warm to Lisa, including the contestants who all said they enjoyed her once David was removed. However she didn’t stand much of a chance against those who had been there from the beginning.


So you keep saying but the voting results speak for themselves. People think they’re both vile and good riddance to them.


I’m sure though if you actually watched it this week then you would agree that I don’t think many viewers would have had an issue with Lisa at all. She actually had some really touching and hilarious moments, however never stood a chance coming so late as the others already had fan bases or had developed them. That’s why last week when they were reading the votes Vicky was on the bottom too but she was lucky she had that extra week of safety otherwise I reckon she would have gone straight away as well.


She got voted off so she was the least popular, which is my point.


Well another Intruder bites the dust and I’m predicting Vicky to go tonight considering she’s come so close to it multiple times now. With the exception of Freddie Flintoff intruders don’t really seem to do well on this show at all.

My top 4 prediction is Jackie, Josh, Fiona and Danny. The sporting guys really seem to do well but for me Jackie and Fiona have really stood out this season so I would love to see one of them win it.


Peter will be top 2.


Actually going by her popularity social media, I am pretty sure Vicki will be in the top 4/5. The bottom three doesn’t actually mean that all three of those people have the lowest number of votes.

This twitter conversation by the head producer confirms that:

Replying to @AlexMavroidakis
Thanks, Alex! If you’re feeling generous one more query. When the celebs are told ‘it could be you’ that leaves the camp, does that ALWAYS mean they’ve received less votes than those who are told they’re safe? (ie, has Simone had low votes 3 times and Shannon 2?) #ImACelebrityAU

Alex Mavroidakis
No, Chris and Julia always say “in no particular order”

7:32 PM - Mar 4, 2018
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I am thinking that Peter, Fiona, Vicki, Shannon and Danny will be the final 5. Simone will go tonight.