I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


haha the bullshitter bullshitting the bullshitter and then throw in princes Diana, should be interesting.


Wonder if Jackie will predict his arrival…


Wow, they really did ask Steve to go back. That’s a whole new level of desperation.

I bet the simulcast returns too.


He is only going to be in there for one day to do his jungle radio skit that he did on the show last year.


God I hope not, then it will be sunk to a whole new low.


Jesus… it seems Alex Mavriodakis is pulling out all the bottom of the barrel tactics to “raise ratings”. I’m having 2008 Big Brother shark jumping, deja vu :fearful:


Right. He just doesnt know how to sustain the ratings success of a show and just throws in things and hope something sticks. I suppose he doesnt care if Celeb eventually fails seeing that he is going to be working on Love Island as well


And viewers vote his choice off.


Why did Paul and Vicki get a week’s grace before facing an elimination and David and Lisa didn’t?

Seems pretty inconsistent.


Because Lisa and David came in later. There is only 2 weeks of the show left, it wouldnt have been fair to give them a week off.


But they allowed Carson a week’s grace last year as well and he came in just as late at David and Lisa.


Because producers realised they were unpopular when ratings bombed.


Maybe it was because they were replacements for Tomic and Mundine?


Vicki and Paul were the replacements. A ‘disfunctional couple’ was advertised as being on the show from the start, obviously referring to Lisa and David.


Just catching up on last night. Who thought it was a good idea to do the Jungle Radio segment with the sun in Steve’s eyes?


I never remember a disfunctional couple. I remember two celebrities in the biggest feud.

Vicki was the loud mouth television star and Paul was the famous tabloid breaking author. So they were not the replacements.


Just saw a bit of the repeat. Isn’t this alarm clock challenge a direct rip-off from Big Brother? I’m sure they did exactly the same task on that show.


I think we can establish that Danny Green was the social justice person then what was Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine. As I don’t reckon anyone else fits the bill of being a social justice person + plus a world champion


So many of these celebs are seriously intent on making it known how much they hate David. In David’s closing package they were asked:

If I could say one nice thing about David…
Simone: Long pause, no comment
Danny: "I’m not going to answer that, that’s a loaded question"
Paul: "He’s not my kind of guy"
Vicki: "Dave…you’re a bit of a dick"
Fiona: “You are a dinosaur” followed by raspberries and a middle-fingered salute to camera.

Only his wife offered something positive:

Lisa: “David likes to provoke conversation and debate. I think David has grown during his jungle journey and he’s certainly enjoying the experience”

I can understand that none of them want to be best friends with the guy, but showing a bit of class and inclusion to your fellow campmate wouldn’t go astray. Praising him for his work in the Tucker Trials and his ability to open up challenging debates might have been a nice touch.


But if he’s a dick for 99% of the time it would far outweigh something he did for 1% of the time.