I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Yes a big impact in the camp and on the ratings as well.
Should’ve been called Australia’s most disgusting couple, as yet they haven’t said anything inappropriate on air. But they will bigmouths like them can’t help themselves.
As Fiona said when they arrived David is very revolting.
Jackie sucking up to them is making me sick,and her attempts at keeping sweet with Paul is only because she wants her big moment doing a reading with him and having Diana mentioned, Fiona said she thought this is what Jackie wanted.


The ratings had already been on decline since Mundine left and the Winter Olympics started (whether or not that was the reason, who knows). On top of that I think some viewers found the cast overall a bit of a snooze and have just dropped off and I doubt it has much to do with the intruders specifically. These intruders should have all come in earlier.

It is a shame though because if you’ve watched the last few episodes the show is as good as it’s ever been, only last year when Keira arrived has it been better. At least there is tension and interesting stuff. They posted a video on facebook for tonight’s episode where Fiona goes absolutely ballistic at David Oldfield with her yelling and storming out of camp. I find that much more exciting to watch than the typical kumbaya friendly Aussie celebs we generally have on this show. It’s much more UK style now which is great TV.


Absolutely agree. The Oldfields are making this good to watch again. And say what you like about David, but since entering the camp he hasn’t been unpleasant or controversial. It’s just been people like Fiona, Peter and Josh deciding they don’t like him before they’ve even met him properly.

I changed my opinion of him after seeing how humble he was on Hell’s Kitchen and also his transformation from start to finish on First Contact. For what’s its worth he seems more genuine than half of the other contestants that are already in there.


Yeah, I’m not gonna read all of that. I’ll just have to trust that everything is above board in here. Carry on.


Disclaimer: I do not condone David’s political involvement in this country nor do I share his views on certain topics.

You’ve took the words out of my mouth. Maybe it’s due to editing by the producer, it seems like there’s a lot of bitching about the Oldfields behind their back. I was actually quite surprised by the way Fiona and Peter reacted towards the Oldfields. And when the food from the red star was revealed, I didn’t see the camp mates thanking the Oldfields.

I have also watched Hell’s Kitchen last year and didn’t think David was nasty either. Maybe he’s just trying too hard to be a team player.


People are so quick to judge based on things taken out of context in the media or that have happened in the past. Some of these celebs didn’t even give the Oldfield’s the chance from the get go because of what they’ve heard about them and are drilling that into the other contestants because of it. That is far more appauling behaviour than anything that the Oldifleds have done on this show. Regardless it’s making great TV and to me makes the Oldfields casting Gold.


I suspect the negative reaction to the Oldfields from some (e.g. Josh) started because they came into the comp so late but still have the same chance of winning.


They only came in like a week after Paul and Vicki.


It’s a 6 week (plus a day or so) show and they entered in week 4.


Exactly the same day Carson Kressley entered in the last series.


I’m not trying to explain why they might think it unfair, but this year it is 2 extra entering and Josh, who is very competitive, was shown by producers complaining about two extra entering.


Steve Price is going back into the Jungle


Josh wasn’t happy about David because when the Oldfields entered the camp Simone told Josh that David is a racist.


And who was it that said Oldfield isn’t racist?


Monday night:

Josh: “We knew they were going to send someone in to ruffle us up; and there they are. You know what I don’t like; the fact you’ve been here for three weeks and two people just come in.”

Peter “Especially them”.

Josh: “…I’m going to amp up if he says anything racist … Do you anything about him?”

Peter: “He just say dumb stuff.”


I smell the whiff of desperation as they throw everything at this show. Reminds me of the dying days of Big Brother.


Corey Delaney/Worthington and Pamela Anderson as intruders…not the finest moment in Australian TV that’s for sure!


Just saw a promo for Steve Price and John Edward for next week. Is John Edward actually going in or just talking to Chris and Julia?


Probably just talking to them via satellite/ in studio to tie in with Jackie being a psychic. Steve is only going to be there one day for Jungle Radio.