I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Surely I’m not the only one that has noticed this! When Chris & Julia go into camp to announce who is doing the tucker trial, or who has been eliminated, just about every time the chosen person(s) are sitting in the middle of the group on the logs. I guess they’re instructed to sit in certain positions, but surely they’ve caught onto the fact now that whoever is in the middle is almost a certainty to be chosen…


I absolutely agree with that, I thought it was a fantastic episode.

David and Lisa have been pleasant since their arrival and thank goodness that at least Jackie has an open mind to accepting and embracing them. Hopefully the other campmates can come around to them over time.


Looking at some of the most successful season of Big Brother UK and other similar programs, the education of so-called “ignorant bullies” can make for compelling viewing.


I’ve finally caught up with the episode, including the so called debate between Paul and David. Unless I have missed something but I didn’t think that David was ‘shoving’ his opinion on Paul’s throat. I thought Paul’s opinion was just as forceful. It was a robust discussion about the topic.

And speaking of Paul, I am sure he is a genuinely pleasant person but I thought it was a bit distasteful to talk about the late Princess Diana several times. Let the woman rest in peace! I supposed that’s the reason why the producer hired him.


Perhaps he keeps getting asked about it and just answers the questions. Maybe he talks about a million other things but the producers focus on these chats because that’s what they think people are interested in.


Good point but he could choose not to answer.

Things are starting to get tense in the jungle.


Australia must really love Jackie or really hate her. Compared to the others, she gets voted into trials a lot.


Well Ben (her husband) keeps campaigning on her social media accounts for people to vote her into the tucker trials… which I don’t understand. Usually people don’t want to do the trials and they are voted in as punishment.

He was literally sitting there and sobbing about Diana the other night. I’m certain that he constantly harps on about it because he knows that it will both give him airtime and it keeps people wanting him on shows like this. It’s been 20 years now and he still rambling on about the same old things.


Of course. He wouldn’t be there otherwise.


Either he is a d**k of a husband who wants to torcher his wife or wants to help Jackie get more screentime by being the player in the trials. Given that the format of the competition is essentially a popularity contest based on an edited show, giving someone the opportunity to play in the trial gives that person more content on the TV show and allows for more of an opportunity for a viewer to vote for Jackie to be saved at evcitions and to win in the final vote.


Torch her, as in, set fire to her? :fire:


A new low for I’m A Celeb in the ratings last night with 489,000 viewers.


Lisa Curry’s partner repeatedly asked his fans to vote for Lisa in the Tucker Trials. She wanted to do the trials so was happy to get this support.


I was under the impression that most of them wanted to do the trials because it gave them the day away from camp and the boredom. Like Kerry said Shannon wanted to do the next one.


I think they like to do the occasional one but not every single day. Jackie clearly hates the eating ones and ones involving anything disgusting, yet Ben keeps campaigning for people to vte her into them.


The cost of this show shouldn’t see jt return next tear. CBS can find better ways to spend the money and create content that people want to watch.

How many more weeks of this to go?


LOL woops.

Alghough I wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes a trial. They are desperate for ratings at the moment.


I’d expect the finale to air Monday 12th March or Tuesday 13th March and then straight into Bachelor In Paradise the next night.


@Chris David Oldfield claims to be the co-founder of One Nation, which Hanson disputes, this makes him racist imo. I agree with you on many things but not this one. Both Oldfields are disgusting human beings but I can however agree with you that it is making the show more interesting.

I am also intrigued by the number of comments on here, in newspapers etc by people who don’t watch the show being super critical of it. If I got on the MKR thread I could spend all day being super critical, I hate the show. :smile: MAFS is crap but I have to admit to watching it on catch up when no one’s looking. :sunglasses:

As for those saying CBS could spend their money in better ways, maybe next year they will. Ten needs more shows with shorter seasons. it will cost more but CBS has the money.

A note to Julia and Dr Chris and the producers of I’m a Celebrity, when they get home they should watch how Julie Chen comperes CBBUS. More of the jungle less of the comperes please.


The only redeeming part of the show this year, which I haven’t really watched since the first week is Edge of the Jungle with Scott Tweedie, which is hilarious;