Illegal Downloading VS Australian Pace TV

With the growing speed of Netflix, Stan etc, I am curious to know if people are still downloading. For example this week on Ten, NCIS, Modern Family and NCIS Los Angeles all made their new season premieres. But is it too late? These shows made their premieres in the US all the back in September? Are we still getting shows too late? It is these shows that are falling behind. Also, Bones made its premiere this week, again, too late? What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

I think we are still way behind even with the streaming services making their stand here.

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the internet is full of spoilers - until our stations wake up and get with the times, they will suffer.

Fans of NCIS/Scorpion/Bones/Castle et al have already seen 10+ eps of the new season… why would they wait when at a click of a mouse and a few minutes later the show can be in their hands?


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Just going to leave this here.

Not defending the networks in any way, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t find it at the moment, but there was news not too long ago where it was found that those who pirate more heavily were more likely to subscribe to Netflix, Stan, etc.
Streaming is good and it is getting better, but those who want to pirate will continue to do so no matter what.

All torrenting here… unfortunately the Australian streaming services having the rights split up so inconsistently mean that they aren’t really worth it to me as of yet. I do use iView and SBSOnDemand however.

Haven’t watched conventional FTA with the exception of ABCNews24 in about 6 months.