Idea for Network Ten and SBS to Merge Their News Services into One Super News Hub

I’ve got an Idea for Network Ten and SBS given Both Networks are small Commercial Broadcasters while the Latter’s also a Public Broadcaster, To Join their News Divisions under One TV News Banner to take on the More Powerful ABC, Seven and Nine Sources, The Joint Venture would save Ten around $2,000,000 per Week and Be more Respectable at 5:00, Their only time of the Day where They’re News Bulletin is on.

How’d you come to that figure?

It’s Inspired by Mediaworks in New Zealand Producing News Bulletins for TV3 and Radio Live under the One Banner as well as Sky Television’s Prime News at 5:30.

I too would love to see your budget and working out as to how you come up with that figure.

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$2m a week? Ten reported their TV costs were $655m for the last financial year - this would indicate a 15% saving.

Sounds too good to be true

Did you carry the one?



did you share the joint when coming up with this shit?

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Hey Mate, It’s Best for Ten and SBS to form a Joint Venture News Division in Order for Both Commercial Networks to Save Money and Get Some Revenue for their Networks. Because Once Media Reform is given the Green Light, They’ll Become the ITN of Australia.

Can someone shut this stupid thread down

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I Think That This Thread Has Run It’s Course.

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