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A great talent. Hopefully we hear her back on the airwaves in Perth.

Will Kat return to Perth radio and which station!!

This is what she posted to Instagram. It sounds like she doesn’t have anything lined up yet.

It’s quite refreshing to see The Fox pull up their socks and respond to KIIS101.1 head on.

Well done to their team coming up with more clever angles and concepts. They won’t go down without a fight.

I could imagine the “fight” would be a lot easier for ARN to make “noise”, rather than SCA having to “defend”.

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The thing that concerns me with Fox’s defence is that they seem to be trying to match K&J rather than stand on their own. Admitedly I haven’t listened too much because their show doesn’t really interest me, but from the bits I have heard it sounds like they’re trying to be more risque, almost as though they’re trying to entice K&J’s audience. The problem with this is that K&J are the best at the type of content they do. No one else can pull off crass and outrageous while someone having a compelling product that their audience can’t turn off. If Fox go down that path they risk being the poor man’s K&J, and why would anyone listen to that when they can get the real deal 0.8MHz away?

It doesn’t worry me so much that they’re essentially copying KIIS with the secret sound (although the near identical branding of it highlights an attitude problem) - having a high stakes competition get people listening not because they like the content but because they can win. By copying that they at least avoid losing the prize hunting listeners, but in terms of actually content, they need to serve up something that is vastly different and will resonate with people not as convinced by K&J.


Are you saying KIIS’ The Noise was around before The Fox’s Secret Sound?

I do agree that it would sound odd if Fifi, Fev & Nick suddenly start talking about sex, etc. on the radio. But surely there are other ways to “tackle the opposition head-on”.

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Well Fox got theirs to air first in the week before K&J started, but who knows who had the idea first. As discussed previously we caught Fox copying one graphic for it to look near identical to KIIS. They’ve also both had their moments trying to one up the other by increasing the amount on offer.


KIIS have been doing ‘The Noise’ since 2017. Albeit it was labelled ‘Secret Sound’ until mid 2018. From memory they run the tactic twice - back to back - each year

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And the Fox has been running the secret sound year on year for years too… anyone claiming to be the owner of the tactic, let alone accusing others of copying, is clutching.

Anyone else notice kj seem to want to copy Fox’s cash confessions which they launched this week?

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Secret Sound comp on 2UE in 1964

We start our competition in the brekkie the following morning, playing our ‘secret sound‘ every 20 minutes from 6 to 8.30am.


Indeed. Even both sides have tried to trademark it for branding over the journey:

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