Hit Network

Given they posted this video at 7:41 tonight, I presume the show is airing in either the 6-8pm or 7-9pm timeslot

Carrie & Tommy return on February 25.

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Spot on but I wonder if your observation is lost on many?

Does the Hit network still have a overnight program between 1 to 5am? or do they just play back to back music before those two girls come on at 5am.

from memory it’s now local music with local breakfast show highlights between 1-3 or 2-4… can’t remember.

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Hughesy & Kate highlights 4-5am

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Local Breakfast Show Highlights 1-4am (assume 1-3 when Carrie and Tommy are back)

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Who is on in the drive slot of theirs?

What as in 3-4:30pm? Buzz their anchor is doing ‘Carrie and Tommy, The Maternity Break’, basically just playing some good bits with 4 songs back to back.

Thanks. KTM will be out in front for the first few surveys you’d think. Should’ve gone back to local music drive shifts.

KTM is far superior so hopefully.

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Why? Hughesy and Kate have still been on, they’ve had a lot of publicity with Kate going to Italy and Hughesy’s TV Show. After all the survey time slot is 4pm-7pm.

How can you say that? Have you ever actually listened to Carrie and Tommy? I find them a lot easier to listen to, then Kate and Tim yelling at each other during Quick Draw…

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No surprise there, with Ash his now wife, the move was inevitable.

Ah yes, broadcasting from the other side of the world. Super relatable and a sure-fire ratings hit :wink:

Yes. They are easier to listen to, because you don’t have to pay much attention :slight_smile:

The last year of ratings certainly tells the story of which shows more people prefer :smiley:

And what show is that?

Carrie & Tommy will be broadcasting from Carrie’s house.

That would make it easier for Carrie to take care of her new baby.

Fox are doing local bushfire updates today