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I think 2DayFM should ask for a partial refund from the agency that made this advertisement:

The station’s talent obviously filmed their contribution on a seperate day to the pub crowd. The crowd raise their phones into the air as they sing but every time the on air talent is singing there are no phones in the air.
Editing 101 is a good course. Too good to miss.


Fox FM’s Luke & Lewis will be airing nationally across the Hit Network starting this Sunday night. Expect an announcement on how this effects the brand’s night lineup - there’s that regional-only Hollywood show, plus Constance Hall’s show (if it hasn’t yet been dumped) and local shifts in Gosford/Canberra.


Note the presence of Fox FM mornings jock Aaron “Flick The Switch” Rich next to Grant Denyer about 7 seconds in. Clearly they needed the numbers to fill that shot :wink:


I suspect the whole pub crowd is 2DayFM’s cumulative audience over the last five years.


Plus the exact same commercial was used for 2DayFM, Fox FM and Hit105. They just switched out the breakfast teams for each station.


I wonder who was sacked when they realised the editing was so bad…the email regarding holding phones in the air must have gone to junk mail.

Different radio stations. Different cities. Different climates. Different lifestyles. Different tastes. Different competition. Different music. Different target markets. Same poorly edited ad.


It’s dumped


It’s for all of them. Newcastle as well.


I mean, the ad concept I tself is pretty terrible, let alone the editing…

Obviously paid a metric s***load for the agency creative, given they couldn’t afford to have different creatives for each market…


The footage is from the Fox FM Pub choir tactic and was filmed in September 2018 at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.
The Fox FM announcers were all on location for it.
There was also a similar ad for 2Day FM filmed at The Rocks in June featuring Em, Grant and Ed. I’m not sure if it ever aired, but I suspect is was dropped for this campaign as the singing didn’t work as well.

The discrepancy of phone up, then not is simply the order it was filmed as it is present in the Fox ad too.

As for the 2Day and Hit 105 ads, I suspect the breakfast hosts were filmed in front a green screen as the footage of Aaron rich is very similar in both, and the background clearly matches the rest of the shoot. They potentially filmed that shot with space to add people in if lineups changed.


Fox is running promos this weekend teasing that either Fifi, Fev or Byron have an announcement on Monday morning that will change their lives…


2DayFM aren’t taking the Trending 20 Countdown anymore and have More Music More Variety instead. For all other stations including regionals have the Trending 20 starting at 7 with Old School House Party from 9


Wonder why they’ve reduced Tim’s show by an hour


Sorry my bad, Friday and Saturday Night shows on Hit go to 1am
Tim Lee Old School House Party 9pm-1am
RnB Friday Nights 11pm-1am


Luke and Lewis on the Hit Network 8-10pm Sunday nights (replacing ash London live and local) for 8 weeks. Luke and Lewis- Instagram, wonder why it says only 8 weeks?


Fev had a vasectomy earlier this week, just saying…


Isn’t Trending 20 6-8 and Old School House Party 8-12?


Could be Fev’s role on Nine’s new footy show?


Seems there are two big announcements

  1. Fifi’s having another baby.

  2. Fev’s new role on Nine’s new footy show.


It changed like a month ago