Hit Network

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you should hear the shit weeknights on the Triple M stations. Puts you to sleep quicker than Cenatiempo and that’s saying something


I heard this shit the other night. I thought I was on a boring old lifestyle station.


Yeah happen to be listening to Sea FM & Hot FM Rockhampton now known as Triple M and Hit last week while in Central Queensland for holidays, and couldn’t get over the fact they we’re both playing Podcasts on a weekend… Instantly made me tune back to 4CC which I don’t mind anyway :wink:
I can sorta understand Triple M having some talk content such as the overnight talk based programing… But to have talk across the Hit Network… I Would be interested to see how much their core audience enjoy it


Do SCA care what their core audience enjoy in January?

Listen to the commercial breaks in metro markets (worse in regional) and you’ll find they’re light on for clients.



Just giving a heads up for when shows return for anyone who wants to know…
Those Two Girls: Jan 21
Fifi Fev and Byron: Jan 21
Grant Ed and Ash: Jan 14
Stav Abby and Matt: Jan 21
Bec and Cosi: Start Jan 21
Heidi Xavier and Ryan: Jan 15
Regional Breakfast Shows: Most Go Back Jan 21 (some earlier)
Carrie and Tommy and Hughesy and Kate Come Back Jan 21
Ash London LIVE: From what I have heard Comes Back Jan 14 (could be wrong)
Danny Lakey: Jan 14


Do you know if Carrie will be back then, or does she have a fill-in for her maternity leave?


Yeah not sure about that, sorry… On insta she said ‘See you back on the airwaves in 2019’ no specific date was mentioned.


Wakey, Wakey, it’s Danny Lakey, has been renamed to The Danny Lakey Late Show.


Thank god. Old name made no sense haha




The podcast has changed its artwork and the show name on the Sea FM (and everyone else’s page I’d imagine) shows page has changed.


Probably makes sense for his earlier time slot, didn’t mind it for his original overnight show.


Ash London LIVE returns next Monday 21 January.


Yes, sorry about that as I said I could’ve been wrong… Anyway Danny Lakey is definitely back tomorrow, (whether it’s his new normal time slot, I don’t know). But Keegan said at the end of Hit Nights on Friday that he’ll be back again this week so we’ll see what happens I guess… Maybe Hit Nights with Keegs from 6pm and Danny Lakey 8pm???


Was I right? Did Hit Nights start at 6? What did Hit do for Drive today?


Also if anyone wanted to know the competitions the metro shows are running when shows return (or already have returned)
Grant Ed and Ash: $50000 Secret Sound
Heidi Xavier and Ryan: $50000 Secret Sound Keeper
Fifi Fev and Byron: $50000 Secret Sound
Bec and Cosi: $107000 Beat The Bomb
Stav Abby and Matt: Secret Sound (Amount Yet to be revealed)


Thanks Tommy.

I feel 2DAY FM have used the secret sound for too long now. They should be doing something else. It’s boring.


I don’t think Hughesy and Kate come back till next week so Hit Nights has been starting at 6 (all summer)


So I guess they’re just playing more music for the drive home? The regional hit network drive home has not been great at all, for the times I’ve listened at least. They play 6 minutes of ads every 12 minutes in the 4-5pm Hour (I don’t even think the metros were playing that many ads so close together). Also not many songs being played as Joe Groth airs a lot of his old interviews with music stars (it really is boring). Then they play a Summer Vibe 5 at 5… I really don’t know what to say about that? Thoughts?