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I think everything goes in cycles. Radio jingles were very American sounding in the 50s and 60s. Quite Australian sounding on the 80s and 90s - think Rock of the 80s, Position 13 2WL , From out of the West 2WS, Keeping Melbourne Rocking 3XY and Rocking in the Summertime MMM.

Now someone in radio land thinks we like the sound of an American accent when we tune into a Sydney station. Personally I think it’s out of place. Just like Starbucks in Australia.


Em Rusciano on Studio 10 talking about leaving 2Day FM.


Exactly. When your presenters sound Aussie, why would you want your jingles to sound so distinctly different and out of place?


Those jingles sound great!
Would be cool to see a Fox FM version of them, even though their current jingles are also great.


Aren’t Nova’s jingles from there as well?
Soon Reelworld will be doing all the imaging across Australia by the sounds of it…

It does, which is weird given KIIS is a true CHR and 2DAY are supposedly an AC/HotAC station now.

Someone at KIIS seems to think we like the sound of every accent other than an Australian one when we tune into a Sydney station. Not sure who or why that thought was had but here we are four years later and it’s not like it’s hurt their ratings much…

I’m personally still a big fan of the Fox jingles circa Matt & Jo show time


Were they made by Matt Nikolic?




to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.


Hardly. KIIS and Edge are doing it too, so they’re not standing out of the crowd.


To stand out in a crowd they should have chosen Scottish. The Scottish accent is less common and ten times sharper!


the actual jingles mate. They stand out from the music. It’s called creating a “wall of sound” - you don’t want your jingles/sweeps to sound the same as the song they’re coming out of or going in to


Personally I love the sound of ReelWorld jingles! They also produce the Star 104.5 / Heart London jingles.


American accents on our radio station jingles are nothing new. Listen to the first 90 seconds of this youtube clip from 1982. All the “More Music 2SM” jingles sounded like they were straight out of California.

I suppose if 2DayFM want to rebrand they could go with LAFM. Close but different.


It would cause too much confusion, as LAFM already exists in Launceston.


You quoted me and that’s not what I was talking about. :roll_eyes: I’m talking about the branding sounding foreign.


The sound of the jingles to me sound very CHR. Are we going back to the future, in 2019 2Day Fm is Sydney’s #1 Hit music station, wake up with Dan and Maz.


They’re not going to go back. They’ve had some success with More Music Variety and they forced Nova to follow suite. So I don’t think it would be wise to go back to having current Hits only.


I can understand that, however we have gone from a market of 3 CHR’s to 3 various different forms of AC type stations plus WS Fm. This market has now become crowded. Do you think it will be KIIS that goes more CHR in 2019 to differ?


Why would they change, when they’re leading the others? If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.


Well considering they have just been beaten by Nova in all shifts except breakfast. They have lost the younger end of the market that they have had in previous surveys. Duncan has been trying to skew the station younger, do you think this is a possibility in 2019?