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What’s smartarse? I’m just saying that they’ve tried Ash London at Breakfast.

Just don’t know whether listeners would want to have just one host with interviews at Breakfast.

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My strategy for 2Day would be:

  1. Forget about the ratings and no external advertising (billboards/tv/etc) for at least 12 months. This will allow the following changes have time to bed down without the pressure of pleasing an influx of new listeners.

  2. Keep the name. A name change is similar to external advertising and people will notice - keeping the name helps point 1 make changes without getting huge market attention before things bed down.

  3. Music becomes edgier. Less oldies. Reasonably new, but the odd banger up to 10 years old would be ok. Basically keep it edgy but not too repetitive.

  4. Sack all 2Day FM staff in all departments (except national shows). This sounds harsh but too many staff are tainted by past failures. The better staff can be moved down to Triple M or to other offices.

  5. Promote a regional breakfast team and give them all new production staff who have never worked at 2Day. Keep the team tight to help them bond.

  6. Get a CD that can really mentor young talent. Dave Cameron is a good example though having a national role in Melbourne may not be available.

  7. Low profile announcers during the day. Talks enough to give energy, but really know the limit of when too much is too much - aim for minimal breaks in the music.

  8. Play less ads during the day. Shouldn’t be hard with the current state of sales and will promote daytime listening.

  9. Let things grow organically. Advertising and more interest in ratings can come in the second year, but be realistic that things will happen slowly.

The overall aim is to launch a product similar to what Nova did in the early 2000s (adjusted for current trends in music) but without making a big fuss about it. Let things grow organically to begin with and go about in a way that makes the competition really start to wonder what you’re up too. Too many changes in the past have been too big too early and everyone could see that they weren’t going to work. Media coverage often slammed the changes before they had a chance to prove themselves.


Maybe if that ever happens 2DayFM might be able to get Jonesy and Amanda :wink:

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From Radioinfo:

Asked whether he is still committed to the 2Day breakfast format, and for how long, Blackley spoke about the current commitment, but also left the door open to possible changes down the track, and after ‘cleaning’ the brand of the old format.

“Yes we are committed to it. The breakfast format changed to More Music in October. As you know we’ve only had one clean book, survey 8, which actually saw 60,000 improvement in cume… We will wait to see what surveys 1, 2 and 3 deliver."

Read more here.


Great memories pmfm 96fm and mix94.5 RIP Paul Redmond

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If there’s an easy way of denting public confidence, this is it.

Cancelling events before public health communication has reached that stage is ill informed.

France limited public gatherings to no more than 1000 and they have the virus at their border. Nowhere near that in Australia yet there’s FOX and many others closing their doors.

Revenue for broadcast media is down as it is, this is a great way to drive it down further.


Health before profits, mate.


Maybe a fear of litigation too, if it can be proven that someone got the virus at their event, unlikely though.


Absolutely. And especially since it was on the rooftop at the station, it becomes an OH&S issue for the hundreds of staff in the building.


Coronavirus has impacted 2DayFM’s current tactic, with their “40 Before 40” now broadening to become “40 amazing giveaways before we turn 40”.

Previously, it was a bucket list type tactic with 40 destinations/holidays up for grabs.

Have any other stations had to change tactics/prizing because of the virus?


Due to COVID-19, Fev has joined Fifi in broadcasting from their respective houses this week (Fifi originally for another reason) on Fifi, Fev and Byron. Byron continues to be at their studios in South Melbourne.


In Brisbane, Abby and Stav are broadcasting from their homes. With Matty continuing in the studio.


Music for Breakfast on 2Day FM now runs 6am-10am.


According to their websites all metros are now 6-10am… probably with the 10% pay cut.


Hit are running mental health breaks in some spotblocks instead of ads across the day - with Ash London.

One I heard today was her doing deep breathing and relaxation tips and techniques.

Really good idea and nicely executed.


No changes to Melbourne or Brisbane yet it seems

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