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Most of these shows stream in Australia on Binge, although The Gilded Age will be on Paramount+ and several titles will be on Stan.

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I wonder if this will apply here in Australia as well and WB will release Batman to Binge as well

I doubt it. Nothing locally eventuated with the 2021 cinema releases landing day and date on HBO max.


After the summer 2023 rollout in the United States, WBD plans to take the unified HBO Max-Discovery+ platform to Latin America in the fall of 2023; Europe in early 2024; Asia Pacific in mid-2024; and additional markets in fall 2024.


Where does this content stream in Australia, Stan and Binge isn’t it ?

Yes, HBO Max shows are on Stan and Binge depending on distributor.

At the minimum, the launch of a combined HBO Max-Discovery streaming platform in Asia-Pacific will mean the end of Discovery Channel on Foxtel and Fetch. This is similar to the withdrawal of Disney Channel and Disney Junior from Foxtel just before the launch of Disney+.

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At the moment on binge. Not to sure when the contract ends. If other markets in 2024 then iam wondering if the contract wont be renewed and we got hbo max on its own

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Not necessarily, Discovery networks are staying on cable in the US.

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