HBO Max had 37.7 million total subscribers in the US at the end of 2020, including 17.17 million activated subscribers.

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The “Snyder Cut” of Justice League movie will be released on HBO Max on March 17, and will be rated R in the US.

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HBO Max will launch a cheaper, ad-supported subscription plan in the US in June, but it will not stream the much-hyped Warner Bros theatrical releases.

After several delays, filming of Friends reunion is set to begin just after Easter.

Produced by Australian-US prodco Eureka and the US’s Warner Bros Unscripted Television, The Real Magic Mike (working title) takes 10 men who have lost their mojo and attempts to turn them into more confident people through stripping.

The Nevers started on Fox Showcase in Australia yesterday.

Emmy winner and Oscar nominee Toni Collette is set to star opposite Colin Firth in The Staircase, HBO Max’s drama limited series adaptation based on the true-crime docuseries.

Collette will play Kathleen Peterson, a corporate executive, mother, stepmother of five and wife of Michael Peterson, played by Firth.

Never heard of it.


HBO Max has delayed the release of the new animated series The Royals after the death of Prince Phillip.

HBO Max has announced the Friends reunion special will premiere in the US on May 27. No Australian broadcaster or airdate has been set.

HBO has released a second extended trailer, still no news on the Australian broadcaster.

HBO Max won’t launch here soon if ever at all. Whilst Fox pays the bucks here and in the UK for the content it makes it very easy for HBO to bank that cheque each month.

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Peacock i think the same it won’t launch and HBO Max depending on the production company , can sometimes end up on Stan. HBO with Foxtel of course.

It was during the launch event that the trailer for Game of Thrones prequel was revealed (see Game of Thrones thread).