Great songs heard on radio

‘No Son Of Mine’ is one of those songs that was common in the 90s but is very seldomly heard now. I think it’s down to song length. Other songs in the same boat are ‘I’ve Got To Go Now’ by Toni Childs and ‘All About Soul’ by Billy Joel. All great songs.


Though commercial radio frequently do their own edits of longer songs to cut them down to less than 4 minutes.

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It was refreshing to hear a couple of unflogged songs on Triple M regional (Newcastle) this morning

All For You - Sister Hazel
No Such Thing - John Mayer

And on 2NUR

You’re In My Heart - Rod Stewart
Neither One Of Us - Miss Linda George


Heard today on Triple M Melbourne:

Gimme Some Lovin’ - GANGgajang
My Hometown - Bruce Springsteen (played off vinyl to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Born in the USA album today)


@anonymousbroadcaster- I hope you’re OK health wise but by golly, your sidekick’s show (Charlie?) last night was awesome.

Highlights were ‘Getting Away (From This World)’ by Ratcat- a song that I’ve never heard outside my own show- and a cover of ‘Sea Cruise’ by Admiral Jackson/Major Popular that I saw once on Rage/Video Hits in the 90s which I’ve been trying to find since (Shazam still drew a blank on that one).

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They just did the exact same thing with that song on Dave Gleeson s Nights show a few minutes ago, complete with vinyl pops sound effects.

Great song too.


Did some Sydney DAB+ listening last night.
The following rarer songs were heard

Crush - Jennifer Paige
(on Coles Radio)

Mad World - Tears For Fears
(on 80s New Wave)

Perfect - Vanessa Amorosi
(on Coles Radio)

Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
(on Easy Hits)

I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston
(on Easy Hits)

And on the ‘Classic 9 At 9’ on Nights With Dave Gleeson on Triple M, the following songs which all have a common theme - can you guess the theme? (answer below)
Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed
You’re A Friend Of Mine - Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne
The Letter - Joe Cocker
Answer: All songs have saxophones featured
It’s a three part countdown - last night was songs 27 to 19 (not sure when it restarts given Origin is on tonight).

On ‘The Fresh Mix’ on 2 Triple O, heard
You Got It (The Right Stuff) - New Kids On The Block
That’s What I Like About You - Colette (the same girl with the ‘Ring My Bell’ classic remake)

The Day You Went Away - Wendy Matthews
(on Smooth)


The Day You Went Away - Wendy Matthews
(on Smooth)

This song generates a strong emotional response for me. It was on the charts when my grandmother died. Nan and Pop were farmers when my mother was young, before moving into town. When I spoke to Nan on the phone a couple of days before she died she expressed concern about the dry weather and how she’d like it to rain for the farmers. After she died, on the walk out of the hospital on a brilliantly blue sky autumn day my sister said “I really wished it had rained today for Nan”. So the chorus is particularly poignant:

Hey, there’s not a cloud in the sky
It’s as blue as your goodbye
And I thought that it would rain, on a day like today.
Hey, there’s not a cloud out in sight
It’s as blue as your blue goodbye
And I thought that it would rain, the day you went away.


What about the Donald song from the Kmart bargain bin? Donald Wasn’t - The Day That Donald Wasn’t.

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That’s a REAL rarity!


Some great songs heard this afternoon on the Conga Line on Braidwood FM (up to about 5.40)

Call Me – Go West
My Favourite Waste Of Time – Owen Paul
Our Time – Mondo Rock
Once Upon A Time In The West – Dire Straits
I Can Hear Your Heart Beat – Chris Rea
Daddy’s Gonna Make You A Star – Company Of Strangers
Truganini – Midnight Oil


While channel surfing - good enough to stop and listen

Elton John Song for Guy - Noosa FM
Kate Ceberano - Pash - 94.1 Gold Coast


Thanks for listening! You’ll find much of what I play down your alley.


This was a great track. Enjoyed it immensely.


One that the likes of FM104 and 2MMM would have played BITD, but don’t now. Rebel probably give it a spin every now and then.


A couple from today on the trip from Newcastle to Dubbo.

Intuition - Jewel (on Three Rivers Radio 2TRR, on Coolah 95.3)

The City of Soul - Eurogliders (on DC FM 88.9 Dubbo). I haven’t heard that on the radio for years! Love that song.


Before Taylor Swift, there was Jewel.

That hit from 2003 was all over the radio that year.

She also had the 2001 hit “Standing Still”.


Though Jewel was never as big as Taylor Swift is.

Yet I prefer Jewel, she had some great songs, “You Were Meant For Me” and her first hit “Who Will Save Your Soul”, which Triple M Sydney used to play, are also favourites of mine too.


Yeah I preferred those two and Foolish Games. I respect her inevitable pop music turn but it didn’t do a lot for me.

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12/6/2024 on Triple M Nights with Dave Gleeson
8:08pm: “Drops of Jupiter” by Train
8:28pm: “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm
9:06pm: “Going Under” by Evanescence

Smallzy’s Surgery
9:05pm: “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter