Great songs heard on radio


An instant station changer for me, that one. By 2000 the charts were already pretty stinky, but this out-stunk them all. I’d go so far as to say that this is the worst (popular) duet of all time, beating other worthy contenders such as ‘Whenever I Call You Friend’ (Nicks/Loggins) and ‘Ebony & Ivory’ (McCartney/Wonder).

It’s that bad, sorry. Up there with ‘Lady In Red’ and ‘All Summer Long’ on my (s)hitlist.


Can’t say I have heard that cover of Cruisin’ since 2000 when it was relevant but I remember even then hatin that song, Though I have seen the CD-Single pop-up on eBay from time to time

That is also a terrible song.

Yep, not heard often these days but on the rare occasion it is, my knob twiddling fingers get an (extra) workout :wink:

Another awful song from the year of Y2K that just sprung to mind is Vitamin C’s sappy, crappy ‘Friends Forever’. But we’re suddenly in the wrong thread.

Totally agree on Cruisin and Ebony & Ivory, both awful. But I kinda like Whenever I Call You Friend by Nicks/Loggins :grinning:

Two Out Three Ain’t Bad.

Agree on “Cruisin” and “All Summer Long”, but i like “Lady In Red”… might just be me!

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Recently on Nights with Dave Gleeson on Triple M, heard the Urge Overkill cover of Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon (originally by Neil Diamond) which famously appeared in Pulp Fiction. A much better cover.


Ha, same here, but I very much know it’s daggy and on many people’s (s)hitlist. I particularly like the off-key caterwauling at the start which puts it in the ‘so bad, it’s good’ pile.

Lady In Red is a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ track. I’m firmly in the latter camp. I do find it hard to reconcile with ‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman’ (which is a great song, same with ‘Ship To Shore’).


Yes there’s even some indistinct chatter at the start of Whenever I Call You Friend. Stevie says something like “let’s see how it goes”. Love it!

I love quite a few Chris De Burgh songs, those two you mention plus also A Spaceman Came Travelling and Say Goodbye To It All. Can’t stand Lady In Red.


Seemed like every year when I was in high school there’d be some sort of song that could be linked to graduation even if originally it wasn’t. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) from Green Day just another example.


I heard that Vitamin C song at my high school too.

Taking notes on songs to play……

Thanks for the weeks playlist

Adding some I’ve heard over the last few days in my travels:

Elton John - Too Low For Zero (Bay FM Redlands)
Metallica - Fade to Black (Rebel 99.4)
Placebo - Meds (Rebel 99.4)
Metallica - One (Rebel 99.4 again)

Yes, another overload from the Rebel, but they just keep on doing it. That Placebo song got forgotten amongst their earlier hits but is an excellent track, and those two Metallica tracks are absolute gems that most of commercial radio refuse to touch.

Shout out too to Bay FM playing an Elton song that’s not one of his superflogged hits but still a great track :+1:


I’m spending more and more time on Rebel lately too. They just deliver great music.

I heard a great new song just this morning White Horse / Chris Stapleton. It’s rock but also a bit country but sounded great on Rebel. As I was listening I thought to myself I wish Triple M had the guts to play stuff like that - but they never will. It would be so interesting to see how Rebel would go if it was available on FM in the capitals. I suspect it would go much better than the current operators (of Triple M etc.) would think…

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I think i have heard it during Dave Gleeson’s show, but that’s usually the only time they get a bit more adventurous with the music.


Yes, I agree. Another awesome song they play is Still Unbroken by Lynyrd Skynyrd which has a country rock vibe to it.

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Say Goodbye by Hunters and Collectors got a run on Triple M this morning during the Marty Sheargold Show. One of my favourites from them.

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I was in Coles Frankston today and they were playing Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney.


Fairytale of New York / The Pogues & Kirsty Maccoll right now on The Breeze.

There’s not another song that makes me feel more like I’m in the UK :slight_smile:

Thanks @AJ1


This may not count, because the full song was not played…

BUT in a promo for a ticket giveaway on Gold104.3 earlier tonight, about 30 seconds of the Prince song ‘Batdance’ was played…. I listened intently hoping the full song would follow, but alas it didn’t, even though Gold was having a “Totally 80s” weekend.

I don’t think I’ve heard that on the radio since it was played (seemingly for) weeks on end during NEW FMs “Top 8 at 8” weeknightly countdowns (remember those?). That was also when NEW had only been on air a few weeks. Memories.

But yes, it’s not a “conventional” song as such, so can understand radio not playing it anymore, but still reckon it’s a great song anyway,

I’ll slot ‘Batdance’ in for airplay in a fortnight (have already done this week’s show). I’ve played it before but not for a while.

I first heard it on Bay and Basin FM; never on commercial radio. As you say, a bit unconventional but no more so than, say, Big Audio Dynamite’s ‘Rush’. Admittedly commercial radio dump the funky bridge in the middle of that, though!