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Like they don’t do this already?

Apparently there is a blackout in Muswellbrook, 2NM has posted to Facebook stating they’re down for the time being. Don’t know about Power FM or Hot Country.

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In relation to Power Fm Nuswellbrook does anyone know if they use the same music log as the other Power Fm stations or their own log?
I found their playlist quite good and more to my taste then 92.9 Tamworth, when last in Tamworth.

Their coverage from Mt Arthur is very good with reception possible from Tamworth to the Toronto turnoff on the M1 on my car radio.


Yes, Power is good up and down the New England Highway.

It would go a bit further south still of if it wasn’t for News Radio out of Gosford.

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No generator on site to keep it on the air???

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Don’t know - only went off 2NM’s social media pages. I’m from the Hunter so I do keep tabs about what’s happening back home.

All 3 stations transmit from different sites:

  • 2NM transmits from Bengalla Road just outside of Muswellbrook as you go towards Denman
  • Power FM transmits from Mount Arthur near the mine.
  • Hot Country transmits from the roof of the studios in Bridge Street.

So it depends which transmitter got affected.

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Wasn’t the 2NM TX just off the New England Highway on the north side of Muswellbrook at one point, or was that only ever just 2UH?

Interesting that there a few different sites up there with the ABC FM stations over at Rossgole near Aberdeen.

Yeah seems strange, to my knowledge most of Grants stations has gensets at both the studios and at the TX sites, also been that 2NM has such a good footprint across the Hunter you would think this would be the case there to… Who knows might have been a technical issue behind the scenes we are not aware of

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I believe it was, when the studios (or was it just the transmitter building) were on McCully’s Gap Road, just up the road from 2UH’s site and the gaol.

Made sense, as I believe the Rossgole site is a BA transmitter site.

The only one I don’t know where it transmits from is Vision Radio in Scone - I believe it’s tied up with the Anglicans, as I saw a banner promoting it on the fence at St. Luke’s Scone.

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According to ACMA Vision fm is broadcast from 76 Main Steet Scone at 1.64W EIRP

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That’s the council communications tower at the new chambers - makes sense actually.

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Having just observed on their “Now Playing” feature & comparing it with other Power FMs in NSW, the Muswellbrook station seems to carry the same log as its Nowra & Bega stations. That means in parts of Sydney, you could be able to pick up Power FM Nowra, provided that you can block out reception of Rhema Gosford.

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I have found that Rhema is so strong it is almost impossible to pickup Power Fm anywhere in Sydney now, except Upper Blue Mountains.

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Yeah, this has been my recent experience; you need to get out of the sharp null that Power FM has imposed to its NE. Knights Hill is roughly as far west as Penrith’s CBD! I think reception is still possible at least as far east as St Marys, though.

Going down the F6 (M1 southern sector Princes Highway bla bla bla ), Rhema bosses 94.9 MHz all the way to the northern side of Darkes Forest (what I call ‘Cityview Hill’)!


Wow. Sydney FM could in theory be transmitted from the lower blue mountains at 150k. The elevation probably too low.

FM and TV was considered to transmit from various Blue Mtns sites. Ruled out for various reasons too.

This is covered in many TV history sites and through this forum too.

Northern beaches is one reason. I will have to have a relook. Just never realised Knights Hill is inline with Penrith.

I think it’s a combination of 2 things:

  • Rhema relocated to the SEA FM tower last year. That has probably improved reception in Sydney.

  • Power FM seems to have reduced ERP in that null towards Wollongong and Sydney, as I have also noted that during tropo, reception levels are considerably lower compared to Wave and i98 in previous years.

Having the main Sydneywide transmitters for tv and Fm radio located on the upper Blue Mountains would provide excellent coverage for western Sydney, but very poor coverage around the Harbourside suburbs and northern beaches, even at very high power with directional beams

Artarmon / Gore Hill provides the best Sydney wide coverage.


When Power Fm, Wave, and i98 moved to the new Win tower at Knights Hill, Power Fm installed a new antenna that is more directional to the south, and emits less power to the north.

In comparison the new wave and i98 antennas being slightly higher and emitting slightly more power to the west have increased signal strength in the Robertson area. This was covered in the Wollongong Radio thread.

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