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I find River 949 and Zinc 96 streams to be OK.


I agree with @TV.Cynic and there’ll be a lot more made of their streaming in to the future.


I am concerned when 2st becomes FM , they just may become another version of wsfm or a 2go. I don’t really know of a primarily am style station in and around NSW where they stuck to the same format after they became FM. Within 10 years they have less news, play more modern music and often have less local shows. It seems to be this strange trend that they have to sound like an FM station and leave the AM legacy behind. I disagree , sure it’s OK to have network shows with the big smoke but that am feel to a station is great especially the music and local feel with the none network shows. At least with 2st it has to fm repeaters but kept the same format for many years. It’s interesting Macquarie radio thinks Brisbane does not need a local feel. But that’s another thread.

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I don’t know what will happen with 2ST (and other Grant Broadcasters stations that may convert to FM) in the long run, but I personally wouldn’t expect major changes to happen immediately after the switch from 999AM to FM happens.

Although I get what you’re saying, it’s important to remember the ownership changes that stations like 2WS and 2GO had in the years after converting to FM. I think those probably would’ve influenced the programing decisions a bit.

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2ST converted to FM in the Southern Highlands years ago. I don’t think it had any affect on the format. And yes, 2WS converting from AM to FM had no affect, the format and call sign didn’t change.


I would say 2ST would be unlikely to change much if it was solely on FM, as they would risk clashing with WAVE, which is also owned by Grant Broadcasters.


Exactly being FM, when new owners come they tend to change formats. If 2GO or 2WS remained on the am band the format would of been different. It may take a year or two but it does eventually happen. Even with changes of ownerships, I think Brisbane’s 4kq plays better music than WS FM. Triple Ms am stations plays better music than 2GO.

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In Queensland, Grant programs Zinc 96 as a classic hits station including 20 years in 20 days. They also own Hot 91 in an overlap market.


Great . I stand corrected. Maybe it’s just a Sydney and surrounds thing.


Not necessarily, as Bay 93.9 in Geelong & 3BA in Ballarat, which both can be heard into Melbourne, has a similar music format to that of 2GO. Their playlists can be seen via RadioApp on mobile devices.


Thanks for the tip, the online streaming is reasonable.


Bay has a pretty good format, 3BA tho I can’t really receive.


Replying on this thread, because 7XS is owned by Grant.

From my observations online, 7XS carries the same music log as 7HO in Hobart. Of course, 7XS takes AFL Nation, whereas 7HO don’t (MMM has the AFL covered in Hobart). It’s a similar story in Launceston & NE Tas, in which LAFM plays music (they only take AFL Nation on Friday nights), whilst 7SD (which generally carries the same programming/music log as LAFM) takes AFL Nation all weekend.

FYI, I didn’t really listen to the station when I was down on the We(s)t Coast in March last year.


Makes sence, it’s pretty much run entirely out of Hobart.


Hot 91.1 on the Sunshine Coast will (temporarily) change its name to Harry 91.1 from 5pm this afternoon (ie. right now at time of writing this post) in honour of the Royal Wedding.


I wouldn’t give them anything at all.


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An Australian radio network?

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This +10

I’d make them live in a council house in Liverpool and get real jobs for a while.

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Seriously these gimmick temporary name changes for stations are pathetic, but this one has to be the worst yet. Urgh.