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7 Melbourne was on Geelong’s Bay FM for a short time a few years ago. Nine remains on Light FM Melbourne.


That’s a shame. Hopefully someone will pick it up.
Though it mostly seems to be Christian broadcasters who do these simulcasts.

Though I usually found with the Nine News Sydney simulcast on Hope 103.2 that it would often be up to 15 seconds behind the TV. It was almost never in sync or close enough to listen to on the radio and watch on TV at the same time.

I acknowledge that they are probably targeting in car or train commuters, though it doesn’t help when reporters or presenters say things like “as you can see there”.


Any idea when that takes affect as the simulcast was promoted on tonight’s news.

Perhaps River rely on 9Now for the audio and that isn’t available during the Olympics?


Ah-ha, that’d be it, so it is continuing but not on air now due to 7’s restrictive rights behaviour.

Can expect the same during the Comm Games. Thank you TVC!


This is why I don’t think it works. Either run a decent radio news service or don’t bother. They’re different mediums and require different services. Simulcasting is lazy programming IMO.

I don’t really understand your point about it being delayed - in fact by there’s probably no way around a delay given that the feed has to get to the studio then back out over FM or AM, and account for the 8-second (or whatever the programmed delay is) on the radio-side.
Don’t think there’s many watching news on TV whilst trying to listen to it on radio…,

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I do remember once when I listened that there was only maybe a second in it, which was workable.

I’m guessing in the case of Hope they were getting a direct audio feed from Nine (ie.not relying on the TV broadcast signal). As there is the usual “digital” delay with DTV which FM radio doesn’t have, meaning Hope has some “hope” of getting it in sync. Though that wouldn’t be possible on DAB radio.

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I think that was on K-Rock, I remember it only lasted around a year or two.

Might have been around the time that Nine started on Light and Seven wanted to copy.


It was 100% on Bay.


I’ve also noticed some stations block out news services on their streaming service with an announcement something like “This streaming service is not available, due to either Olympic broadcast restrictions or technical difficulties. Check again in 5 minutes”. Weird to think there could be enough Olympic content in a 2-3 minute radio news service to violate broadcast restrictions.


Ws streaming Mix 104.9 from Darwin the other day, the streaming got blocked out for 5 mins from the top of the hour but the news ran about 3-4 min early, so olympic coverage still got through.


The company is currently looking for a new Regional Content Director for its Tasmanian operations to replace Allan Cameron, to be based out of 7HO in Hobart.



Yes - its only off during the Olympics - their Drive host confirmed as much on-air this afternoon. Back from Monday next week.


What happened to Allan Cameron? Pushed/jumped/left for another job/retired?


He will take on the role as the new Regional Content Director for QLD & the NT.


Bay 93.9 had some issues getting the 12PM news to air because they were ‘moving to another floor’.


Finally! This has been a long time in the making, although I won’t believe it fully until I see it for myself in person or in photos.
Grant Broadcasters own the building and have been renovating it for at least the last 2 years (possibly longer - it feels like forever) and as a result the radio stations are moving to new offices and studios on a different floor.


Yes, its taken a long time, I moved to Geelong July 2016 and I think the renovations had already started.


Janet would only be authorising work when the labour is cheap enough for her expectations!

Sandles must be frustrated, hang on, he’s been there for decades, he knows what to expect.

Offices and studios on separate floors or sites does nothing for team cohesion and synergy, demarcates sales/admin against programs/news.

Also means the GM can’t be on both floors all the time and has to choose a favourite to base himself in.

You also end up with this problem that the Camerons have lived and breathed since it was their station:

Happy reading.


Hang on, do you have info that’s what they’re doing?
My info is that everything is moving - what I was saying is that they have new offices and studios which are all on the new floor, with the existing floor to be refurbished and leased to someone else.


Ok fine, my writing is simply if the floors are split up, Camerons have bitter experience as to what happens.