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What is the coverage of the Smithton FM 94.5 translator for 7BU?

LAP says 100 watts.

Or is it higher and covers much further?

Having travelled to that corner of Tas in the mid 90’s, the AM 558 signal was fine there and further west in Marrawah. Perhaps the owners then invested in what was putting their business to air.

She was a workday announcer & Music Director for Power FM in Nowra, the latter role also covering for the Bega & Muswellbrook stations.

Having travelled that area earlier in the week, I would say really just the town is covered.

Having said that the D-MAx doesn’t have the best tuner know to man.

Found coverage to be OK, east of Smithton, out till about the Stanley turn off, but was full of the ‘picket fencing’ normal for fringe coverage.

Out West, coverage was LOS only, Leave the flat farming land and she was all over.

What I did notice was that there was a good lot of Smithton relevant ads on 7BU Smithton. Can’t recall hearing them on the 7BU Burnie services. If Grant’s are running two separate streams of the 7BU service, boy-o-boy well done grant’s. A reasonable investment for such a small town.


Just the one feed for 7BU - I don’t think there are any plans to expand as you’d understand the service area is still the same size it has always been.


Thanks @LFD459, great to read your contributions over in the radio section.

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Grant Broadcasters launched a brand new, digital-only radio station in Hobart today.


Tim Bergh is leaving Grant Broadcasters currently PD at 2EC/Power FM Bega, he’ll be joining ARN Brisbane as the Assistant Breakfast Producer for 97.3 FM.

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They might as well just simulcast their main station - sound pretty much exactly the same.
When will stations realise that people don’t want to hear “Sounds of Then” over & over & over again for the last 30 years??
The listeners miss out again as nothing original is happening on DAB - Radio really has to invent itself

No need to be negative. 7HO Classic Hits is actually quite good.


Not true in my opinion. Their main station tends to play newer music. I can’t stand listening to 7HOFM itself but I have been listening to their alternative on DAB.


Awesome…can’t wait for Sussudio or Hotel California again.

Josh Olek has finished at K Rock after 3.5 years and will join Triple M Brisbane in August, where he will be hosting afternoons alongside a role in operations.


And you have provided a Radio Today article which will probably have 10 silly comments from the fictional Olek fan club on there by bedtime tonight. If I were him I would embarrassed by the rubbish that is put in comments.

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Another K Rock presenter is heading to Triple M, this time to Melbourne.


Slightly off topic, but slightly noteworthy that ABC’s Utopia often uses 2CC audio including Capital Radio News as background audio to establish a trip to Canberra.

Perhaps we should start a topic on “fake radio” during TV and movies as per the fake TV news bulletins :slight_smile:


Yes, noteworthy! Perhaps it’s easier for the production company to acquire the rights of that in program (if reqd) than it is for an ABC bulletin itself. Ironic as it sounds.


Looking at their Song History pages of the following stations, as well as through Lava, it seems that the music log centralisation has continued at Grant, with Bay 93.9 Geelong, 3BA Ballarat & LAFM Launceston (along with 7SD N.E. Tasmania, which is virtually a relay of LAFM), now carrying the same log for most of the time. 7XS on the West Coast of Tas, which previously carried the 7HO log, is now using the above log.

This also applies to its CHR stations, K Rock Geelong, Power FM Ballarat, Chilli FM Launceston/NE Tasmania & Sea FM NW Tasmania, who now mostly share the same log.

Meanwhile, River 94.9 & 7AD/7BU are now partially (at least) sharing the same log.


I never thought I’d see the day where K-Rock was a clone of Power FM Ballarat. How shameful for a once great station…


i know 3 BA ballarat has changed what they have been playing in the last 3 weeks

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