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So what money are they saving to reallocate resources on the weekend to news?

Of course River 949 has been running local news on the weekend for years.

When the Hot Tomato sale completes, they also have news on the weekend and have done so since the start in 2003.

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GB also instated weekend news in Tasmania a few months ago.

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Great idea as we don’t get local TV news here and newscorp love paywalls


Grant Broadcasters accused of underpaying casual staff for weekend work.


Janet has not been taking enough notice of how Bill ‘manages’ such matters.

4CC running local shifts tonight due to the bushfires in the region.

4RO continues with Steve Price’s shift out of 2GB, which as I speak features Andrew Bolt laughing about the name of the Victorian shadow Attorney-General. Live and local, yeah? (Edit: This Facebook post suggests they’re doing half-hourly updates)


Just saw on their website that 4RO’s positioner is now “The Talk of Central Queensland”, implying that it now has a mostly talk format. Its previous positioner was “Classic Hits”, which is now being used by sister station 4CC, carrying the same log as heard on Zinc 96, 4BU, 4MK & 4CA.

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Make sense, since 4CC has had the same music log as Zinc, 4BU, 4MK and 4CA for the past 12 months.

I guess Grant Broadcaster would love to convert 4RO or 4CC to FM so they could have a Star in CQ and keep the other Classic Hits. 4CC would be the ideal one to convert to FM.


Guess changes are been put into place… watch this space i reckon!!!


It always has been talk since the AM’ers have been bundled together.

Talk in morning, sport in early evening and so on through until bfast.

“The Chatter of the Capricorn” could have been a better slogan.


And to celebrate 2GB’s syndicated programming, the [redacted] of Rockhampton

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Waahh, waahh, the fun police got to this?

River 94.9 skipped through their usual 1pm news today, each sting played consecutively, intro, sport and weather but no newsreader.

I gather they forgot to remove them and are automating afternoons?

Meanwhile, Hot 91 is running the 2GB pre-feed bulletin.

Presumably in place of the same from 4BC?

You’d have to check the syndication schedule. BC’s newsroom is staffed this afternoon, there’s a local bulletin going to air as I type this, Mark Braybrook’s son is reading it.

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Without checking I’m lead to believe that the Queensland Grants stations normally take a networked bulletin from 4BC; it’s definitely sourced from Macquarie, so I presumed it’d come out of Brisbane rather than Sydney

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Grants have a big newsroom on the Sunshine Coast - surely they can do their own bulletins all day during the week.

the beloved pre-Christmas automation fuck up. Happened to the metro Triple M’s and regional Hit stations on Christmas Eve too.

There’s something in the air.

Jarryd Braybrook is from the 4BC newsroom.
All the QLD stations take the 4BC QLD news feed unless there is a issues with syndication from Sydney where when a issue occurs network stations receive a 2GB feed instead

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