Gold Coast - Survey 1, 2018

Sea FM knocks Hot Tomato off the top spot (who fell by 4.8%), whilst Gold gains audience, going up 0.9%.

The “Other Stations” went up 0.7% from the previous survey to 30.8%, whilst in the 40-54s, it went up by 0.7% to 25.6%, and in the 55-64s, it went down from 42% to 39%. Comparing to the previous survey, a fair number of 40-54s that are switching away from Hot Tomato & Gold are going to Sea FM (who are only 0.3% behind Gold in that demo). In the 55-64s, both Hot Tomato & Gold are gaining back listeners from 94.1, with the latter going up by 6.9% from the previous survey.


It looks very even between the 3 big FM stations. Great to see

Some big drops for Hot Tomato across the board…

I’ve also noticed some weird thing with the evening shift.

Sea dropped 4.3, but Hit105 increased 5.6 from 0.6 to 6.2. I wonder how accurate those numbers are since they both have the same program - that’s a massive increase for Hit105, giving them a share in that shift that double any other shift.

4BC also had a massive increase, from 0.7 to 4.8.

Big drop for Hot Tomato down 6.1 aswell. Although this is inline with drops in other shifts, I’ve noticed that Craig Collett (AKA the Big Kahuna) is no longer listed for this shift - a potential cause given that he’s been part of Gold Coast radio for over 20 years.

Wow…Triple J, A 12.8% increase with the 25 to 39 year olds. :open_mouth:

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And very close to knocking Sea FM off the top spot in that demographic too.

Looking at the demo-by-demo breakdowns, most of Gold’s increase came from the over-55s, as well as in the 10-17s. As for Hot Tomato, whilst it fell in all other demos, it went up in the 55-64s with a 1.7% increase. And for Sea FM, it went up in the 10-17s (+14.4), 40-54s (+3.4) & 65+ (+0.9).


Great result for Sea FM and Gold FM today, Hot Tomato not so much. Sea FM #1 Overall and #1 10-39 with Hot Tomato #1 (not by much) 40-54 and Gold FM #1 55-64 and also #1FM 65+.
Great result for Sea FM being #1 in Breakfast, Arvos, Drive, Evenings and Weekends with Gold FM #1 in Mornings. Out of the Brisbane FM Stations (Nova, Hit, MMM and 97.3FM) Hit105 definitely won audience share with a 2.7%. But overall go SEA 90.9 FM.

More like a lucky result thanks to Hot Tomato… Sea still lost 1.1 of the the share and Gold have lost some in their target audience 25 to 54 year old (Unless they are only targeting the 55+ now) plus Gold have lost a heap in the last few surveys and only gaining 0.9 overall this survey.

Not a good result for Hot Tomato. Where did their audience go?

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Obviously to Sea Fm, Not a lucky result but a well deserved result after years of getting beaten by 102.9

The fact that “Other Stations” account for little over 30% of radio listening in the market is probably a sign that many Gold Coast listeners aren’t entirely satisfied with what the local and Brisbane stations are providing?


Yes exactly. They’ve got some good options for “other” stations - Rebel, Breeze, 94.1 and Radio Metro.


Local Seven News

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Must be another flawed regional survey. Gold have moved younger, leaving that demo well and truly for 94.1 and 4CRB. Other FM is what I wonder.

Probably where its always been, last survey overstated, this one has pulled some of it back, but still wild fluctuations in some movements, so these are not stable surveys.

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