Gold Coast - Survey 1, 2016

The first Gold Coast radio ratings for the year have been released:

Sea FM leapt to the top spot with 13.3%, which is up 2% from the previous survey. Sister station Gold FM was 2nd with 12.6%, followed by former-#1 Hot Tomato with 11.8%, down 2% from the previous survey.

Two things:

  • How did Hot Tomato stumble against Sea?
  • Why is the gap between 91.7 ABC Gold Coast and 612 Brisbane so close?

A lot of its loss were on among the 25-39s, where Hot Tomato went down 4.3% in that demographic from 16.6% to 12.3%, whilst Sea went up 2.5% to 20.8% & Gold went up 2.4% to 12.4%. BTW, this is the first survey since Gold changed their positioner from “Real Music Variety” to “Greatest Hits from the 80s to Now”. Hot Tomato also lost listeners in the 40-54s (down 2.4%), but still managed to hold on to the top spot in that demographic at 20.8%, well ahead of Gold (down 1.9% to 14.2%) & Sea (up 2.2% to 12.5%).

Hot Tomato at least managed to be #1 in breakfast with Flan & Emily Jade, and was #2 in drive (behind Hamish & Andy on Sea) with The Mal & Luke Show.

It’s probably down to history, in which 612 ABC (4QR) have been on-air longer than 91.7 ABC Gold Coast, which started out as 4SO in the 80s before converting to FM as ABC Coast FM. Not to mention the fact that 612 ABC booms in like a local.

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Impressive share for H&A on drive, especially if you include Hit1053. Bianca Dye also making decent ground in Drive for Gold FM.

Very interesting result for Hot Tomato given the “consultant” they had during the survey period, perhaps the resultant changes are yet to be implemented.

The 11.8 share is Tomato’s poorest since S2/2007.

Also of note, Nova106.9’s 3.0 share is the best performance ever for any of the commercial Brisbane FMs in the Gold Coast survey.

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