George Pell Convicted - Coverage Discussion

A la Darren Hinch who went to jail twice for breaking suppression orders? A conviction and/or jail time for these journalists could affect their chances of getting a working visa in another country e.g. if they need to fly to that country to report on major issues.

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It should be. The respect shown for the courts was appalling.

She is overreacting in the extreme and jacking a mockery of the rule of law.

Explains a lot

How do you come to that conclusion?

I am sure they will twist the story to make them look all innocent. The harsh reality that the media twist the facts. Time to respect the law.

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Read the comments from media lawyer Justin Quill in this piece.

Franziska Rimrod what an awesome name!

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News Corp seems drop the paywall when the story is about themselves. No paywall:

110% agree.
I think this case will (and must) go all the way to the High Court. Hopefully this will lead to further discussion on the use of suppression orders, and maybe further restrictions on judges issuing such orders.

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Should be worth reading.

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Wednesday 5 June -

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