George Pell Convicted - Coverage Discussion


Adelaide have one of the best 10 News First sets IMO. It’s so small but so elegant.




Seven News Perth tonight:


Front page of tomorrow’s Herald Sun.


Interesting that the Herald Sun is crowing about “How We Broke the Story in February 2016” after the News Corp reporter ‘went through hell’ after Andrew Bolt attacked her Pell story and was forced out of her job.


Tomorrow’s The Australian.


As an interesting aside, Cardinal Sin is actually quite the hero in the Philippines… he was a key figure in the people power revolution of 1986.

Not all Cardinal Sins are bad.

Just thought you’d like to know…


Caps from Sky News this morning




Just on international coverage of this story:

  • Saw Sky News Australia reporter Patrick Murrell do a live cross for Sky News UK from Melbourne. Seems Ahron Young did the crosses for Sky Australia and Murrell for Sky’s international affiliates.
  • CNN had Anna Coren doing a live cross yesterday afternoon and anchoring the first 20 minutes of a news bulletin from outside the court, including an interview with David Marr from The Guardian



Seven News Adelaide opener last night. The studio in all its rarely seen glory



Mike needs more of a national profile. He’s excellent at doing these sort of things. As others have said, he should be utilised as a fill on The Latest. I also think he should be presenting the 5PM weekend bulletin .




Interesting and objective article from The Guardian on some of the FAQs surrounding the Pell case and which might address some of the comments given by people around this forum:

Turdall v The Entire Legal Profession

Did journalists who watched the whole trial believe Pell was guilty?
It is impossible and irresponsible for journalists who reported the trial to answer this, since they did not see the key evidence – of the complainant. They were also not bound by the directions given to the jury, such as not to do research on Pell away from the court, and this could influence their thinking.

Pretty important sentence.