George Pell Convicted - Coverage Discussion


Dear God.


…and that was an edited version. The original (of which screencaps can still be found on Twitter) will make your stomach churn.

News Corp, Sky News, Macquarie Radio: You MUST sack Andrew Bolt RIGHT NOW!



Mike Amor presenting Seven Afternoon News Melbourne from the County Court.

Jacquline Felgate back at HSV7 for the rest of the days news.


This morning’s coverage from Seven

23:05 for the 12pm news with Ann Sanders

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10 News First Melbourne


The first bit of his column this afternoon:

Jesuit Catholic priest Frank Brennan has written similarly in questioning the conviction, though Brennan is fair more considered in his writing and also accepts that Pell may well lose his appeal and Brennan would accept that. As a Jesuit, Brennan has never been a Roman Catholic yes man.


It was all over Twitter and on non-mainstream news sites. Ex-broadcaster Michael Smith wrote that because he was overseas at the time the suppression order didn’t apply to himself.


10 News First Adelaide

10 News First Sydney


Seven News Sydney.


Nine News Melbourne


Nine News Sydney


Just wondering if ‘Burn In Hell’ should be in quotation marks here…seems like a strong stand alone statement unless they are quoting someone.


I agree.

Although it’s not the first time that Ten Sydney have made graphics for major stories which are arguably too editorial, I seem to recall “Rot In Hell” being used for one several years ago.


Someone yelled it as he left court today.


I don’t understand. Bolt should be sacked but Pell shouldn’t burn in hell?? Or maybe it’s the other way around. I’m confused.


Breaking news ticker across the bottom on the ABC main channel today.


Which is why it should have quotation marks.


Seems like quotation marks would have been better.