George Pell Convicted - Coverage Discussion


This story is now being reported after the suppression order has been lifted:

Seven is currently carrying a news special with Mike Amor. Additionally, a 4 Corners special about this will air next Monday:

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Today Extra and Studio 10 LIVE into Queenlsland with this Breaking News. Seven delayed



Let me guess…as well as Four Corners, 60 Minutes & Sunday Night have probably got their inevitable special programs/reports ready to go?

But before then, I’m sure ACA & The Project will dedicate most of tonight’s program to the story and of course, just about every major TV news bulletin this evening + newspapers tomorrow!



Mike Amor presenting with Melbourne court reporter Sharnelle Vella.


Seven is live, I believe. They are also the only network who dropped their morning shows to use the network news branding.

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Melbourne reporter Emma O’Sullivan reporting the coverage for Studio 10.
Natasha Belling at the desk with Studio 10 for coverage.
Hugh Riminton now reporting from Melbourne…


Today Extra has recently handed over to Nine’s Morning News for coverage.




They are now. Were about 10 minutes behind the others.




Probably were ready in December just need to add in today’s/tomorrow’s coverage.




Coverage on Seven from Melbourne finished at 12pm with Ann Sanders now taking over coverage


Studio 10 once again holding up the 10 News department- hosting afternoon rolling coverage


Stick to the coverage stuff please. Other comment about the trial can go in the Religion thread.


Some front pages of news sites:

The Daily Telegraph


The Australian



Nine has just finished coverage returning to normal programming.