General TV History

A few Perth TV VHS captures:


Rare ident? Nice find!

As a bonus, here’s Sunraysia’s attempt to make a completely local design for NNN Perth in 2005-2006 (piror one has elements from the regular branding). Also, In Widescreen

I wouldn’t say the 2005-06 National Nine News Perth Opener was completely independently produced by the local station - those globe animations were used by the East Coast Nine stations in 2002/03 for National Nine News Promo Endtags.


National Nine News Perth - Weather And Closer (25.2.2006):

Channel Nine Perth - Lineup (25.2.2006):

Channel Nine Perth - 5 Second Ident + PG Classification Warning (25.2.2006):

Channel Nine Perth - Lineup And Sponsor Billboard (29.3.2006):

National Nine Morning News - Partial Bulletin (29.3.2006):


Back in 2006, I thought that Bob Peters did the voiceover for the sponsor billboards for Nine. During that year, he moved to Channel 10 to voiceover some shows. Phil Baildon has moved from Channel 10 to Nine at the start of 2006 to do some voiceovers. Currently Baildon is still at Nine.

Look at those petrol prices

Anyone remember a Yoplait commercial from the 80’s where the boy said ‘when i grow up i want to be a fireman.’

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It’s French for yoghurt. No it’s not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Unfortunately i can’t find the ad on YouTube.

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News update blooper from the post-dots-WIN-era Nine Perth…


An old news bulletin for any news junkies… Ilona Komesaroff reading Seven National News in Melbourne on 26 May 1982. (Mal Walden must have been away!) including reports from Mike Barrett (conducting an interview by telephone to Bangkok), Dermot O’Brien and Norm Beaman.

YouTube: Mike Squier


Gee, that’s a rare find!
The opener is so basic.


A collection of rare footage of HSV7 from 1969-1970. Youtube: Mike Squier.

Nine Melbourne using 3 different voiceovers for Carolyn Randoe (and Peter Hitchener) in just the month of January 2008…


I guess GTV preferred Ken Sparkes over Tim Elliott.

From memory QTQ was similar (only having the Tim Elliott VOs in use for a short time after the relaunch, before reverting to Ken Sparkes), but TCN here stuck with the Tim Elliott VOs until shortly after his death in 2011 when they were replaced by those from Peter Harvey.


God that head space!

I remembered Ken Sparkes doing the voiceover for National Nine News Melbourne. I still preferred Ken Sparkes voiceover over Tim Elliott as his voice is more synonymous. Sadly, Ken Sparkes’s death has shocked Nine. It wasnt the same without Ken Sparkes.


“This is National Nine News with Brian Naylor.”

His V/O was so authoritative. Also note the standing presentation for Jo Hall, does anyone know if this started when the graphics relaunched in early 2007?


Netflix launched in Australia and New Zealand on this day in 2015 to the appreciation of long suffering Aussie and Kiwi viewers. Only four years? Feels like I’ve been using the service significantly longer than that.