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Of course I don’t think it’s pathetic to put your family first, although I certainly think the reasoning is more palatable/media friendly than “because most of my policies are unpopular”!

The main reason I say that NSW state politics is as pathetic as federal politics is because we’ll soon have had six premiers in a decade, just as we’ve had six prime ministers in a decade. To say the least, it’s also rather interesting how the rotating door in both NSW and federal politics happened after a 10 year+ reign for both the state premier & prime minister. Probably coincidental, but still rather interesting nonetheless…

Yeah, just a retweet of Vicky Jardim’s so far today. Read into that what you will, although I’m sure Deb Knight would do a competent job of presenting tonight’s bulletin in any case.

Out of the two, personally I’d think Seven would be more likely to bring in their regular newsreader over Nine especially knowing Seven’s past tendency to hit the “Mark Alert” button for major news events on days he usually takes off.

Found the “Mark Alert” button

And the "Fergo Alert’ variation (for the weekends)


##Australia Day Honours

Awards that include service to the media.


Mr Robert John EDWARDS
For significant service to the broadcast media industry as a television producer, and as a role model and mentor.
Service includes:
Television Producer, ‘for over 30 years’.
Has produced over 600 hours of drama television programs during his career including:
‘The Secret Life of Us’, 2001.
‘Love My Way’, 2004.
‘Offspring’, since 2010.
‘Puberty Blues’ 2012-2014.
‘Police Rescue’, 1989 - 2004.
‘Paper Giants - Birth of Cleo’, 2011.
‘Howzat’, 2012.

Mr Andrew Patrick O’KEEFE
For significant service to the broadcast media as a television presenter, and to social welfare and charitable organisations.
Television co-Host of ‘Weekend Sunrise’, since 2006.
Host, ‘The Chase Australia’, since 2015.
Presenter, ‘Deal or No Deal’, 2003-2014.
Host, ‘The Rich List’, 2007-2009.
Co-Host, Logie Awards, 2005.
Host, ‘Dragons Den’, 2005.
Co-Host, Tri-Network Tsunami Appeal ‘Reach Out’, 2004,
Actor and Writer, ‘Big Bite’, 2003.

Mr David Christopher BRILL
For significant service to the broadcast media as a cinematographer and journalist, and to the community of Tasmania.
Service includes:
Film and Video Journalist, various television programs including SBS Dateline and ABC Four Corners, since 1968.
Has covered numerous wars, conflicts, natural and man-made disasters and humanitarian events ‘for over 45 years’.
Was the subject of a book and the ABC Australian Story episode, ‘The Man Who Saw Too Much’, 1999.


Mr Peter Donald HITCHENER
For service to the broadcast media as a journalist and television presenter, and to the community.
Service includes”
Held a range of roles with the Nine Network since 1974 including Nightly news presenter, Melbourne, since 1998; Chief Weekend news presenter, Melbourne, 1974-1998; and announcer and news presenter, Sydney, 1974.

Ms Kathrine Mary McGRATH
For service to children, and to the broadcast media as a journalist.
Service includes:
Ambassador, Act for Kids, since 1988.
Patron and Co-Founder, Protect All Children Today (PACT), 1984-2015.
Patron, Daniel Morcombe Foundation, ongoing.
Chair, Queensland Child Protection Week.
Journalist, Channel 7 News, Brisbane, since 1989.

Mr William Hedley (Bill) BUNBURY
For service to the broadcast media, and to the Indigenous community of Western Australia.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC):
Broadcaster and Television Presenter, 1969-2007.
Collected oral history recordings for the Goomalling Yarns and Spirit of Yagan community arts projects, assisted Nyungar people to record their cultural history Community Arts Network Western Australia.
Interviewer, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, interviews with former Radio and Television staff who have worked in the industry, 2013.

Mrs Stephanie Janet CAMPLIN
For service to the broadcast media, and to the community of Bathurst.
Service includes:
Managing Director, Bathurst Broadcasters Pty Ltd, since 1999 and Director and Company Secretary, 1984-1999 and Co-owner, since 1970.

Mr Anthony Frederick BONNER
For significant service to the performing arts as an actor, to surf lifesaving, and to the community through charitable organisations.
Service includes:
Television Productions include:
‘Skippy’, 22 Episodes as Helicopter pilot, Jerry King, 1968-1969.
‘They’re a Weird Mob’.
‘Cop Shop’.
‘Hawaii Five-O’.
‘The Box’.
‘Matlock Police’.
‘Carson’s Law’.
‘Division 4’.
‘Rockford Files’.
‘Neighbours’ and ‘Anzacs’, TV mini-series, 1985.

Mr Graham Norman GREENWOOD
For service to the print media as a journalist in rural areas.
Service includes:
Chairman, ‘The Border Watch’ newspaper, since 2015; Acting Chairman, 2012-2014; Director, 2005-2011; Manager, 2003-2005; Editor, 1981-1987; Assistant Editor, 1978; Sports Editor, 1976; Weekly Columnist, ‘for many years’; Journalist and Employee, since 1963.

Mr Geoffrey Eugene HEALY
For service to the broadcast media through technical and engineering roles.
Service includes:
Seven West Media Limited:
Director of Production and Engineering, 1960s -1980s.
Executive Producer, Bathurst 1000 telecast, ‘for 27 years’.
Executive Technical Producer, Seven Network Australia, Moscow Olympic Games 1980.
Broadcast Consultant, Barcelona Olympic Games 1992.

Mr Alexander John HEHR
For service to the broadcast media, particularly through community radio.
Service includes:
Station Manager, Golden Days Radio 95.7 FM, since 2000; Presenter, since 1999; Member, Station Sub-Committee, many years.
Presenter, 88.3 Southern FM, 1994-1999.
Presenter, 3CR Community Radio 855 AM, circa 1994.

Mr Frederick John (Jack) LUNN
For service to the print media, and to the community.
Service includes:
Director and Deputy Chairman, Queensland Press Ltd, 1991-2002 (retirement).
Director of Corporate Affairs, Queensland Newspapers Ltd, 1995-2002.
Editor-In-Chief, The Courier Mail and The Sunday Mail, 1991-1995.
General Manager, 1987-1991.
Assistant General Manager, 1985-1987.
Chief-Of-Staff, 1983-1985.
Journalist, general, political and financial sections, 1958-1983.
Committee Member, Audit Bureau of Circulations, 1985-1991.
Board Member, Newspaper Advertising Bureau, 1985-1991.
A Founding Director, Publishers National Environment Bureau, 1990.

Mr Robert Bruce MELLETT
For service to the broadcast media, and to the community of Renmark.
Service includes:
Regional Content Manager and Presenter, ABC Radio South Australia, ongoing.
Journalist, ABC Radio Renmark, 1987-1992 and Station Manager, since 1992.
Sports Broadcaster, 2BH Radio Broken Hill, 1987.
Journalist, Barrier Daily Truth Newspaper, Broken Hill, 1982.

Ms Shirley Margaret STOTT DESPOJA
For service to the print media as a journalist.
Service includes:
Columnist, ‘Third Age’, The Adelaide Review and The Melbourne Review, current.
Former Literary Editor, The Advertiser, Adelaide, 1980s-1990s and Arts Editor, 1976-1982 and Journalist, 1960s-1970s.
Journalist, The Canberra Times, 1950s.
Journalist, The Anglican, 1950s.


Congratulations also to Home and Away star Ray Meagher who receives Medal of the Order of Australia, for service to the performing arts as an actor.

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Not sure where to put this but I noticed this comment on a Facebook post…

“There was a time when a story was considered ‘breaking news’ only when it was significant enough to ‘break’ into the tv or radio schedule and be immediately broadcasted, such was it’s level of impact. You know, twin towers on 11/9/01. That kind of thing.
Not sure if #breaking is appropriate to report that the brother of a NRL player is suspended for drug use.”

Could not be more true. The amount of breaking news graphics used on news these days, particuarly breakfast TV is a joke!


That’s precisely why CNN and other outlets in the US will use the breaking news tag for an event which stopped breaking hours ago. They’ve done their research and found that more people will tune in if a story is breaking than if it’s ‘normal’. This is also why news outlets will give terrorist attacks and other ‘spectacular’ news stories disproportionate coverage - ratings.

The big problem with the overuse of breaking news tags and coverage oversaturation is that it psychologically makes the story appear much, much more severe than it actually is.


Spot on!

I think, apart form the overuse of the Breaking News tag for any new story, there is the question of when has the story stopped breaking (when it’s broken). Was the London terrorist attack really still breaking news at midday in Australia?


Networks could opt to use the ‘Major Story’ tag in lieu of ‘Breaking News’, but they don’t.

Breaking News in the 21st Century is just another empty marketing phrase.


I don’t mind “Developing Story” as in - we don’t know everything yet.


It drives you crazy when you tune in and out of the breakfast programs and it is still “Breaking News” at the start and can still be four hours later.


I always find it amusing when they have ‘breaking news’ on nightly bulletins and they have a reporter there already…


Ben Cousins has been jailed for one year for stalking and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Tonight a missile attack has been ordered by President Trump and carried out by the US military on a Syrian military airbase near Homs, where chemical weapons were launched from a few days ago.

Updates -


John Clarke, best known as one half of the comedic duo Clarke and Dawe, has died aged 68.

Very funny guy. Sad news.
Won’t forget ‘The Games’. That was a great show.
He is also in the logies hall of fame.

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Centrist Emmanuel Macron has resoundingly defeated far-right Marine Le Pen to become the President of France -