Gecko Channel 17

Can confirm the Wikipedia page is updated RIP :cry: :sob:


Yep, difficult to get enough advertisers.

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Perhaps the Wiki article should have listed Media Spy as a reference :wink:


Fox Sports News thanks them for their set though


Would they bother to air CBS News Channel?

I doubt that 10 would rebrand a home shopping channel.
They could launch CBSN or even a movie channel to compete with SBS…


CBS News would mostly be American news though, wouldn’t work too well.

It’s already on Paramount+ so they would already have an idea if anyone is trying it

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They risk turning the Australian news operation into an even bigger joke if they dare launch CBSN here on free to air.

Wouldn’t mind seeing a Paramount movie classics channel but they’d probably prefer people shell out for a Paramount+ subscription even for the golden oldies.


i can imagine the latter lol
it would prolly be called paramount smth idk

but this whole channel 17 thing seems to be reminicesnt of how 7flix was launched
placeholder screen in 7flix’s case seen back in dec 2015
launches couple months later on feb 28th 2016

ig we will have to wait and see

I could potentially see 10 Shake becoming a 24 hour childrens channel and the current primetime content on 10 Shake moving to its own channel (10 Jamm as example)

10 Main Channel
10 Bold - Crime
10 Peach - Comedy
10 Shake - Children
10 Jamm (ch 17) - Young Adult (10 Shake’s primetime content)


lol i remember that 10 jamm shit back in 2020
wherever it was gonna be 10 shake or jamm

Could the channel launch before 10’s upfronts?

it could launch tomorrow. It could launch next year. It could launch in 2030. Who knows


I’m guessing here but it could be any one of the following:

  • 24 hour news/business channel (Australian and international)

  • Action channel (similar to 5Action in the UK)

  • Movies channel

  • Music videos (similar to channel V or Max)


why does everyone have such high hopes it’s almost certainly gonna be a shopping channel


I would set my expectations very low for whatever this channel is. if it was going to be something substantial like another 10 multi-channel, they’d have announced something, surely?

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I’ll bet $5000 that it’s a 10 News 24 hour news channel


Not during prime time for much of the week, much of which is movies and South Park, The Office and US comedy specials