Friday 17 March 2023

The reason the 9pm news would work is because it would at least be competitive every night.

On a big news day, it would win.

Interesting that Ten’s only show in the Top 20 last night was the 5pm News.

The 6.30pm slot is a tricky one to solve. I will reveal the solution tomorrow but it is going to make the heads of the woke brigade explode because it is a new direction for Ten

How can you guarantee this? If Nine and Seven schedule MAFS/MKR/whatever to run until 9.15pm what is going to make viewers switch to 10 at 9pm? Also, assuming it is a national bulletin, what is 10 News at 9pm going to offer me that watching the 6pm Seven or Nine News on catch up services can’t?


That’s a good question.

You cant control what the other networks will do, however there is not always going to be a show like MAFS that controls the audience the way it does

What does it offer you that 6pm doesn’t? I would argue that a lot of people are not home by 6pm to watch the news.

However it can’t be a rehash. It has to be either re edited or an updated version of a story on the 6pm news. Or better still, a breaking news story.

Nine are always promoting “Breaking News” throughout their nightly programs.

It also has to be state editions, not national.

You need to show your working on this one - there is very little evidence that I can see that suggests that a news service from a broadcaster that is doing very little in that space is going to magically attract viewers, not to mention that it locks them into odd programming timing (which will make it difficult to get people to switch over to Ten)

Would it? For a lot of viewers - Ten basically doesn’t have a news service because it has no presence outside of an early evening timeslot or during the day when people are doing other things, people won’t see Ten as the channel to go-to to get their news.

Ten’s already running their news services on the smell of an oily rag - this just adds complexity and significant cost.

On big news days, people turn to the sources they know and trust. 10 just don’t have the same draw as 7, 9, and the ABC on big news, and that isn’t going to magically turn around with a late bulletin.

Updating a story for a late bulletin would be needed at a minimum, and not a point of difference. To be honest though, how many stories are going to have late details that require a re-edit? Most stories have run their course by the 6pm news cycle, so there would be no real point to make another version of the story with exactly the same information.

As for breaking news, you can’t bank on it every night. And again, if the story is big enough, people will turn to other sources before they turn to 10.

10 barely has 5 local bulletins at their flagship 5pm slot, and even then it is only 5 nights a week. If they did introduce a late bulletin, it would either be fully national, or at best have a local late bulletin for Perth.

If that is the case, why does anyone tune into a 10,30pm late news?

Stories are always breaking because the news cycle is 24-7

There is no tv news service at 9pm (even on Sky) so there is a huge opportunity to carve a niche and own this space.

Do you have a better idea for Ten at 9pm?

Ten is running their news service on the smell of an oily rag?

Because they pay millions for Lisa Wilkinson to do nothing.

Which leaves you with a potential audience of… 25.5 million people

ABC Nightly News on ABC News says hi

Perfect. Which is why a commerical version is even more viable

Because I’m sure Ten could find an audience for a 6:30pm sports panel show among the 1.5 million kids under 5 :roll_eyes:

The point is that no one gives a shit about a 6pm Friday NRL game.

Any replacement for The Project - be it Fridays only or in totality - needs to be given time to bed into the timeslot. There’s no quick fix that will see Ten shoot up to #1 overnight.

Too often the mock schedulers amongst us think that ‘one more tweak’ will fix things. If Ten is profitable, why would Paramount change things?

I’m not sure why you keep insisting that Ten is profitable ?

All the people that have left the station dont think so

The reported figures to ASIC as part of their governance obligations suggest they are. Not sure they’d be lying to a statutory authority.


You must be a talent manager if you understand the motivations of everyone who has left Ten.

The local management who have guided Ten through the last few years being promoted, rather than turfed out, suggests that Paramount isn’t unhappy.

(And yes, no doubt that its profitability is in part the result of the cost-cutting over the last ~12 years. But again, what major changes have Ten made in the last five years besides consolidating its newsgathering resources?)

But just because an opportunity exists doesn’t mean success is guaranteed. 10 just isn’t a name brand in news right now, and people aren’t going to flock to them just because they launched a new late bulletin. They would be better served trying to strengthen what they have now.

Besides, who says news is the only solution. 10 has shows like HYBPA, The Cheap Seats, and Gogglebox which have all found a solid audience in that timeslot across various parts of the year. They could look to invest in similar programming to fill out the schedule a bit more.