What do you expect, foxtel is nearly dead at this point

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Aside from Nick Music (which is based out of the US), the other new music channels are meant to be programmed in Australia. However, they (so far) don’t be seemed to be properly tailored judging by what NewsWeary is saying

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Oops. I spelt his name wrong. Should be Dobbyn. Sorry.

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You’ll be refused entry to EnZed for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go:

[V] (Part 1):

[V] (Part 2):




MTV Classic currently playing the All Time Top 100.

Checked songs 50 to 30 - not a single Aussie song amongst them :frowning:

One small consolation - all songs I checked now seems to have closed captions. Previously on MAX, it was maybe 1 in every 4 had them.


I recall CMT used to be on Foxtel back in the late '90s. Is this return the longest hiatus a channel has had in Australia? (i.e. about 20 years)

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FX had a decent gap but CMT probably longer. FX also came and went fairly quickly again!


If you’re a Telstra Plus customer and login to My Account, My Offers, they are giving away 6 months free Binge .


I actually just got 9 months as a Silver Member. Have to see how it goes and maybe cancel or downgrade satellite service.


So many free months of membership given away reminds me of Presto…


Finally, aside from a free Alcatel tablet, Telstra Plus actually offers something useful!


Foxtel is discontinuing the iQ2 from 7th July.

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Existing users will be upgraded for free?

I don’t think so. It will no longer be a choice for new customers and upgrades:

From 7 July 2020, the Foxtel iQ3 and iQ4 will be the only set top boxes available for new sales and upgrades.

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They should expect some churn if they don’t upgrade boxes for free

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In other words…you’ll still be able to keep the iQ2 for now if that’s your current set top box, but come upgrade time you’ll be directed to iQ3 and iQ4 (and satellite if you’re still on cable, if I’m not mistaken).

How come there doing that???

It’s like the old Foxtel non-IQ boxes - they’ll continue to function, but can’t be purchased by new customers.

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Unless something has changed I’m pretty sure this only effects new customers and current customers wanting to upgrade. I’m assuming this also effects multi-room.

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