Fox Cricket Coverage


Another night Fox Cricket is simulcasting 7’s coverage of the Big Bash with a panel in the studio


I just don’t get it. You would think for the Derby tomorrow they would have their own coverage?


Given the match is in Melbourne, I would imagine FOX will have their own coverage tomorrow.

Nice to hear Tuffers on Seven’s coverage tonight.


Fox arent covering the Super Smash this year?


If you are talking about the New Zealand Super Smash Fox Sports have not shown it for years


Fox ONLY show the IPL, Canadian league and CPL not even the t20 blast in England


Seeing ads for Ten’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here on Fox Cricket…especially during the Big Bash coverage.


Fox took Seven’s coverage of Heat-Sixers clash this afternoon. I reckon most of the crew is in Sydney for the test match between Australia and India.


Ads for i’m a celeb on fox cricket? Are you sure? :thinking:


Yeah I also saw that.


I heard a ten ad before from another room when i thought the cricket was on. So yeh must be advertising elsewhere considering no one watches their network. You’d think fox cricket would be rating higher than ten’s main channel mostl nights.


yes dude.


Well if Fox can advertise on Nine/7 and 10, than why can’t they advertise on Fox? They are all businesses after all.


I remember seeing ch9 ads on fox8 years ago.


Not the first time that Ten has advertised on Foxtel.


Shouldn’t be happening given those ties with Fox have now been severed (10 have taken sales back in house instead of outsourcing them to News Corp’s MCN).


Why shouldn’t it happen? Ten are a business, just like Foxtel. Foxtel advertise on Ten so why can’t fhey advertise on them? Or is it only allowed to go one way?

At the end of the day, they are paying advertising fees to promote their business, so if they want sales surly any media organisation would take it? Otherwise ten should stop showing Foxtel adverts cause it a direct competitor in the media field.


So Seven are doing pink graphics but Fox are not.


The Indian network covering the match has got the rosters off Fox Cricket and are going with different commentators only when Kerry O’Keeffe is commentating on Fox… all because of what they see as a discriminating remark O’Keeffe made during the Melbourne test match. When O’Keeffe isn’t commentating, they go back to Fox’s coverage.

Sensitive to say the least.