Fox Cricket Coverage


But Fox did the Hurricanes-Stars game in Hobart on Christmas Eve. Unless it moved all its crew and equipment to Melbourne afterwards for the Boxing Day test?


People forget that Fox aren’t swimming in cash, they are just better resourced than most of the competition.

15 years ago the organisation was running a really cheap operation, it has only been since other networks have cut back that they’ve risen to the top. They’ve invested when other broadcasters haven’t.

The last few years they’ve dropped a number of sports to other channels and they’ve cut back coverage of some of their other sports like Supercars. And given how many in program ads are present in their cricket coverage, it’s a sign that the operation isn’t making enough money through subs alone.


Didn’t get a choice as 7 didn’t cover that game due to it being a Fox exclusive.
Also, that was a 3.45pm start, so much easier to fly everyone home before Hobart Airport’s 11pm curfew.


Fox taking the 7 feed again tonight. Brendan, Ian and Brett providing pre, innings break, post game and in between over coverage from the Fox Sports studio in Sydney.


This is poor from Fox. No excuses.

Even worse it’s Andy Maher on.


When Fox bid for the rights they didn’t know the BBL would be 20 games longer. The budget may have never been there from the start.


Fox do the same thing with AFL games on Channel 7. What’s the problem?


Yes they did. The whole deal was predicated on the fact they would get exclusive games. And as was predicted this has been a complete disaster of a rights deal from day one.

And the whole problem with this was they said when they got the rights there would be different commentary teams.


If they didn’t know they’re the only people that didn’t know about the extra 16 games.


No problem here. If I were Fox I’d be simulcasting every game Ponting does for 7. This Maher/Ponting/Tufnell is a million times better than if Fox sent Julian/Healy/Lee down to Tassie.


Is it really necessary for FOX to provide in between overs commentary?


If they don’t they get silence from the 7 coverage. Simple really.


I almost had to mute Andy Maher when he’s in the commentary box because of him talking nonsense.


I don’t get the hate for Andy, he has a slightly loveable dorky way about him but this seems to be ridiculed these days. Bet the haters wish they had his job.


a billion times better than Jason Richardson - if you listen carefully to that bloke you can almost hear Lisa Sthaleker trying to breathe deep as to not belt him! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah sorry never been a fan of Andy.


it is a shame that seven brings Maher over and doesnt use him for the womens like he did for the last 3 years.


Pretty sure he’s done a couple of wbbl matches.


Maher has done 5 WBBL and 2 BBL games as play by play. Did 1 wbbl on the boundary
Richo has done 9 WBBL and 2 BBL games as play by play. Did 3 wbbl on the boundary.
Slater (3) and JB (2) have done the play by play on the remaining BBL games.
I’m happy with the WBBL team, would prefer Maher to Richardson though. Sthalekar and Price are a good pair, can do without Nannes.


I’ve warmed to him on radio, but he doesn’t translate well to television.