Fox Cricket Coverage


They should simply adopt the graphics package Fox uses for all other sports (eg; AFL & NRL) - it would look much better than their current package


It’s changing for the World Cup


Yeah, a real ‘7 News does Cricket’ feel.

Presumably, Fox will take the 7 feed for the games during the Melbourne and Sydney tests.


I’ve come around to their graphics. The swish graphic works really well and the font selection (for tests) is great. The only thing that really needs reworking is the score bar. It’s ugly, the spacing is all off and there’s no natural flow.


They are still inserting some of their own graphics: Alinta Energy ball and Toyota player mic.

Also fox crew jump in at end of key moments I.e wickets and near misses.

They may as well just sent their own team to Perth.


Star Sports will produce an ICC feed for the world cup, and Fox (and Nine) will take their graphics for their own studio analysis (as happened in 2015).


Huh? Their current graphics aren’t even 6 months old?


Is it Sydney or Melbourne? I would have thought Brendan Julian and Mel Jones are currently in Melbourne for the Boxing Day test.

Was Mel Jones on SEN today?


Neither Mel or Brendon featured on today’s coverage of Boxing Day test


Yes coverage is coming from Sydney. BJ, Mel and Ian Healy are producing commentary and highlights during the over breaks.


Unlike last night, Fox is doing their own coverage for the Sixers/Stars BBL match


Wonder why they didn’t do it for the Perth v Adelaide game.




Is Fox also not doing tonight’s game in Hobart? Sky Sport NZ showing Seven’s coverage.


Same as the other night (Perth/Adl)


Presumably they’ll continue to do the games where they have bases and easy access to crew and leave the others to 7.


It seems like half arsed. Another example of how shit this whole rights deal is.


It happens with AFL as well. Only half arsed compared to the years of Nine dominance (with Ten making a cameo at the end). Not the current media landscape.


I dont see the issue to be honest


There will be a significant cost to do their own broadcast outside Sydney and Melbourne plus travel time for the commentators who are scare at the moment due to the Boxing Day test. Makes sense to not duplicate the effort and cost and follow the AFL model where 7 do the commentary and fox have their own hosts and commentators in the studio during breaks.