Fox Cricket Coverage


It’s Seven’s coverage just relayed on Fox so Fox have little control over it probably. What do you think is disrespectful about Seven’s coverage?


it is disrespectful by Fox that they dont have their own coverage basically saying womens cricket means nothing


Women’s cricket rates significantly less than men’s cricket. They aren’t going to spend lots of money and put lots of resources into something that doesn’t rate through the roof.


Up until last year women’s cricket wasn’t even broadcast at all. The crowds and the money just isn’t the same with women’s cricket so the opportunity to recoup costs are a lot smaller. It’s not disrespectful just facts that women’s sports are still developing a fan base and aren’t as popular as their male counterparts.


You’re basically making assumptions. I’m sure that’s not their belief at all. Foxtel with federal government funding broadcast a lot of women’s sport.

I agree with the other posts. It’s economics. It’s great it’s being broadcasted and it’s great it’s all on free to air too.


I find nothing wrong with the woman’s cricket coverage I don’t see the issue unless the poster wants to see three women host the woman’seague (which is not actually a bad idea).


What I was saying is that they have been signed to be used. It is a waste if they dont use them for their own coverage. Mel Jones is a great commentator with so much knowledge of the womens game. If this was going to happen she should have just signed with Seven.


Actually, you are wrong. Womens International Cricket has been broadcasted for about 10 years now in Australia. It begun on the ABC then Channel Nine got it around 2011 I think maybe 2012. The old Womens T20 League Final was broadcasted on Channel Ten the first year of their BBL Rights. More games were broadcasted when the WBBL came in 2015.

Womens Cricket quality and performance is far better then other female sports like AFLW and the AFL just signed a broadcast deal for EVERY game on Fox Footy as well as 2 FTA games per round. I cannot see whats so hard with Fox is they have the commentators and stuff there why they cannot do their own coverage like they are doing for the BBL.


I think many outlined this in posts above.


why they cannot do their own coverage like they are doing for the BBL.

It is not economically viable for the WBBL. The BBL has more advertising dollars and more viewers. It doesn’t make sense to have two seperate calls for something with many less people watching. Fox Sports have paid a fortune for the coverage of the cricket, they don’t want to spend money on something which will hardly give them an advantage.


Cheeky for Maccas to be sponsoring the pre game at the KFC Big Bash.


Fox is using 7 cameras to provide an upscaled BBL feed for it’s HD and 4K channel (hence the Cricket Beta on Foxtel4K watermark).


For the record, McDonald’s also sponsor Crocmedia’s BBL match broadcasts on radio.


Don’t see it being much different to other car companies promoting their products outside the ground at a Toyota AFL Premiership Season match.


On another note, FOX will be covering all three Boxing Day Tests this year (yes there are other Boxing Day Tests). The New Zealand vs Sri Lanka match from Christchurch is on 507 from 8:30 ADST, and the South Africa vs Pakistan match from Cape Town (Usually played in Durban and last year was a pink ball 4 day test in Port Elizabeth vs Zimbabwe, but moved to CPT this year) is on 503 from 6:58 PM ADST (502 is taking BBL/WBBL from Perth).


Going back to this, it’s interesting how Fox has approached covering women’s sport when they aren’t the ‘host broadcaster’. On one hand, they’ve taken Seven’s coverage for both the WBBL and AFLW. However, they used their own commentators for the inaugural NRLW season in September. While those games were ‘curtain raisers’ for the NRL finals matches, Fox generally used different commentators for the two matches


Fox Cricket BBL pre-show coming from studios in Sydney. I have a feeling they will take the 7 feed tonight. Probably due to the fact most of their production team is in Melbourne for the test match.


I have just been in contact with a member of the Fox Cricket graphics department. They are looking for graphics for a refresh. Any ideas?


Fox are taking the 7/world feed tonight for their coverage. And boy the graphics are terrible. The score needs to be much bigger.


About time.

Those graphics of checks calendar two months are past their used by date.