Fox Cricket Coverage


The graphics are far better now, I prefer them over Seven’s anyday. At first I hated the scorebar but it’s growing on me. Also now seeing less of the paintbrush font on lower third graphics. Much better!


I’m interested to hear from those who have Foxtel, there’s been some criticism of Fox Cricket’s commentary?


some. My only complaint is that Warne talks all over the top of the others and goes to inane places, like trying to find a nickname for Harsha Bhogle.


I heard that too. But I also read in an article that there was criticism it was too “chatty” at times, not as restrained?


They probably feel as though they need to be more chatty without ad breaks.


Fox’s use of their orchestral theme is wonderful. The graphics have also really grown on me. They get test cricket coverage.


Apparently Brad McNamara (ex Nine cricket) is working for Fox so he may have influenced the music and style for test coverage on Fox.


Fox potentially more Nine leaning with cricket, have to be careful having two ex-executives in Crawley and McNamara, if truly wanting a completely new start.


The debut of Come In Spinner tonight after stumps was brilliant! Great to have a laugh after watching a tough day of cricket. Positive feedback on the socials from what I’ve seen.


A massive crew of 109 people make up Fox Cricket’s broadcast team according to Buzz Rothfield’s Daily Telegraph article!


So, Seven have to be careful having a former Ten executive in charge?


Uuuuuh. Fox is delivering exceptional coverage, and it’s being recognsied by many :roll_eyes:

Seven are the ones who need to act.


Offsiders crew gave Seven a thumbs up this morning. I’d rather their opinion over many on social media.


So? The Guardian and many others have said Fox is superior to Seven - and they’re no fans of Murdoch controlled organisations.


Wow, why the need to make this anything about Murdoch?

I don’t have Foxtel, so I’m in no position to compare it or label one or the other “superior”, but I will say, as someone who is stuck with FTA coverage of tests, I’m very happy it is sans Shane Warne.

Edit, two of the four on Offsiders today also work for “Murdoch organisation” so you’re point is even less valid.


The point was that a news organisation that’s traditionally incredibly critical of Murdoch, still said Fox was superior.


They didn’t give the 'thumbs up to Ch7 over Foxtel though…

They basically said both were equally good (and refreshing).


Is that not a thumbs up? Perhaps better phrasing was required from me, I wasn’t suggesting they favoured one or the other but I think we’ve seen a lot of hyperbole from social media surrounding Seven’s coverage for example - [quote=“Snoozenooze, post:701, topic:4628”]
Seven are the ones who need to act.


Got a link? I wouldn’t mind reading that.


Fox has the edge with the commentary team (very good picks, if only we could get them all on FTA), studio, programs, but their graphics are still shithouse IMO.

Seven, for a network that is the No.1 rating in the country, serves up a passable but unmemorable coverage, with Ponting and Mitchell being the stars, but the lack of games, James Brayshaw and Mel McLaughlin being the weak links.