Fox Cricket Coverage


i will be watching seven when i get home from school!


Have to admit its nice to have some different commentators. Mark Waugh is fantastic as well. I know he was in the Big Bash but its nice to see him here now - especially since he is part of the selection committee.



Looks like the Hindi commentary and graphics from Sony Pictures India is available (via Kayo). Which means they should also have the English version, but sadly no sign of it.

For the record, the English version

EDIT: Sony also taking the Fox commentators as well as using their own. Odd


so you are paying for kayo only to get foreign broadcasts?


A lot of talking over each other in the first couple of overs of commentary.



I had it already and will be keeping it as Kayo is very good IMO.


Cricket Australia Live Pass had Indian commentary in the past. I’m guessing this is part of the same deal.


I agree I am loving Kayo. Although I am still not a fan of having to pay for cricket or AFL.


Foxtel’s studio much better than Seven’s


Ooh looks sexy


Would be nice if Mark Howard wasn’t manspreading though.


Hold on - six and out the band?


Why just Mark? You’ve got 3 people sitting there pretty much doing the same thing.


Good to see Fox have tweaked their graphics - still don’t like their scorebar but the overall package looks better than what they started off with


The Flying Fox or whatever it’s called, doesn’t seem to be sent with the world feed. Not sure why not but when it happens, we get the interviewer on echo and the player but not the vision.


Commentary on Fox is too loud, they need more noise from the crowd.

Also, it would be better if they had a different watermark for Kayo - the 501 thing is pointless to a kayo subscriber.


Fox Cricket’s coverage also copped some criticism.


Of course it’s better… with Isha there!