Fox Cricket Coverage


Highly unlikely. There are a steady stream of stories coming about all of this and the overall dud deal.

The little bit extra they got from fox instead of having it on ten is a massive problem for cricket Australia. Where will the sport be in 6 years? Clearly not signing with ten was the corrupt element with fox having to get revenge on them.

In saying that… after seven have now released their commentary line up and plans for the season it would seem fox are far superior. The seven line up is diabolical apart from 2 or 3 commentators.


I’m interested to see what impact Kayo Sports has - $25/month is a lot more palatable for people


I’ll be ditching my Foxtel for the Kayo subscription and I know others who are certainly keen. I was impressed with my trial of it and can now save a fair bit each month because I only wanted the sports.


I’m currently using it and it’s good. I’m just had at remembering when the games are on. When it was on FTA it was a lot easier to keep up.


I’m in a similar boat - 4k is the only thing that is making my decision difficult


Yeah, our TV is starting to die and I put in an application to replace with a 4K one but the CFO of the house declined so I have to wait until it’s fully dead. Plus it turns out my IQ box which I got in mid-March must have been one of the last IQ3’s given out before the IQ3.5/4.


I’m “4k ready” but havent upgraded yet because the place im living in at the moment doesnt have a sat dish


Is every WBBL game on Fox Cricket? Thats what it says in the Herald SUN


No, they’re covering the same 23 games 7 are


Fox Cricket are airing Gus Worland’s 2008 FOX8 series An Aussie Goes Bolly today and tomorrow, ahead of the premiere of his new series The Cricket Tragic next Thursday night after Cricket 360.


so why in the Herald Sun did it say all 59 games live add break free then?


The 59 games are men’s BBL matches. Half of WBBL matches won’t be on TV and will only streamed live on Cricket Australia website and app.


You don’t believe everything you read surely? They made a mistake or you misread what they printed.





how about next year when it goes stand alone???


Fox Sports have said they were not interested in signing Michael Clarke and he hasn’t been signed by Seven or any of the radio networks. He has however been signed by Sony in India who have the rights to the India tour of Australia and he will contributing to the coverage of the tests from a studio in Mumbai. Clarke is expected to sign up for more work with Sony and Star.


Unless the already signed agreement changes 7 and Fox will cover the same 23 WBBL matches each year.


Fox Cricket’s coverage of the WBBL uses the same graphics as 7 cricket. Thought Fox would use their own graphics like in the ODI’s and T20’s which they do exclusively.

Do we have to put up with 7 Cricket’s graphics during the Test series or will Fox use their own


Fox are producing the feed for the Test Matches whilst Seven are producing the feed for the BBL games they are showing plus all Women’s cricket. So Fox will use their own graphcis for the tests (don’t know if they will bother overlaying for the BBLs or if they will provide comms for the games they don’t have exclusively).