Fox Cricket Coverage


Interesting. Don’t think I’d seen their cricket coverage gfx. Their football ones are a bit nicer. I agree with your proposed changes. The score needs to be the hero of the package.


I agree, it looks nice, but the font looks a bit small.


More bad press about the cricket rights. As expected it certainly will not increase subscriptions.


Roaming Howie is on right now!


Two lousy boring interviews. A shadow of the great Roaming Brian.


Thanks to our broadcast partner you can watch Fox Cricket live and free once you log in with a Cricket ID on until 17 November.


Hey there’s only one BT! :stuck_out_tongue:


Overheard Mark Howard describing a ball today as an “Alinta Energy Ball”. Don’t quite understand why I’m paying $65 a month to hear product placement in my cricket coverage. But I guess that’s what happens you drop the ads.


I’d prefer they have the ads.


The duck was there tonight.


Haven’t seen Allan Border commentate yet, I guess FOX are saving him for Test Matches.


He did the Ryobi Cup cough Ford Ranger Cup cough Matador One Day Cup cough cough Matador BBQ Cup BLOOODY HELLLL THE JLT ONE DAY CUP


You really need to take something for that cold! :grinning:


Border will be calling the Tests


there is an aussie calling the england v sri lanka game i really wanna know who it is


Brad Hogg


So you have Foxtel now? Your dummy spit the last week seems a little mellow dramatic now.


As I said previously, my dad loves cricket so he got foxtel for the summer- I am hoping he keeps fox sports so we can the footy too! BTW i did not have a bloody dummy spit i was just calling the AFL out for their unequal distribution of games on FTA in a NATIONAL competition.


OK it just sounded like you cracked the shits because your family don’t have enough money for foxtel but I didn’t realise that they did for cricket. I think you should just have a word to your dad. Perhaps do a few more chores in exchange for him keeping the package for AFL?


Heavy rain at the Gold Coast for Tonight’s T20…Fox Cricket throwing to Cricket Legends after just 10 minutes of pre-game coverage.